Aug 11, 2008

Stupidity Refined

The world has changed. Too many idiots are occupying it. This calls for a culling. I'd say grouping them together at the same place and let a meteor do the job. But like Crim said it "Let it be random just to be fair". Here, stupidity refined. Read, and tick if it applies.

Causes of stupidity:
  • Doctor's mistake of slapping the head instead of butt of the newborn.
  • Mom pushed too hard and doctor/nurses can't fetch in time. CRASH.
  • Rolling down a staircase as a kid and hitting the head on every single step all the way down.
  • Head stuck in freezer as a kid, causing brain to stop moving very often through out the years.
  • Buying a mousepad/poster that says "Knock Head Here" and practice what it says.

Types of stupidity:

  • Drive-stupid: Stopping at a junction. See car coming fast. Take the turn when the oncoming car is 2.5 cock hair away.
  • Common sense-stupid: Told that guy's got guns. Go harrass guy with Yo Momma jokes. Shot. Die.
  • Toilet ethics-stupid: Hello, can you smell your shit in the toilet and go fuckin' flush it down the fuckin' bowl before I make you eat them up?
  • Eat-stupid: Feel the taste of the mee goreng isn't right, continue eating. Go home. Lau sai.
  • School-stupid: Didn't do homework/assignment. Really tell teacher it got eaten by dog.
  • Work-stupid: Skip work, call in sick. Go clinic. Tell doctor "I got AIDS and need MC"
  • Fame-stupid: Steven Lim, period.
  • Tech-stupid: "Can I download AMD Phenom and then install to upgrade my Pentium 4?"
  • Game-stupid: Played same level for 2,376,920 times. Still fail. Go tell everyone the game is cheating.
  • Sports-stupid: Arsenal fan in jersey watching Arsenal-Liverpool in Kops-packed mamak. Arsenal score. Jumps and shouts "LIVERPOOL SUCKS!!". Lights out.
  • Love-stupid: Guy kacau girlfriend. Grab guns. Drop plans after watching Discovery Channel's Crime Detective.
  • Law-stupid: Trying to do a drive-by shooting at a police road block.
  • Signboard-stupid:

And last but not least....

  • Internet-stupid: "My mama pawn your papa", "NO, my papa pawn your mama". And they end up having 2 stupid retarded kids like you arguing on the internet when it comes to the topic "Roti telur or Roti bom better?".



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