Jul 31, 2009

Faceless Pipol Attack!!!

Si liao si liao, my creation came to life and attacked my office.
Kuching, we have a problem...
bzzt.. bzzzzzt...

"Nyehehehe... I'm coming out"

Ow Lawd, them come out from the whiteboard

"Wrong side, team"


Wrong machine la sohai..

"Tom Kurus was ere"

Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) was here too

No climbing Arthur's table please...

Bungee jumping in the office is dangerous, FP


Told you...

Project M2 (previously Project Matriarch)

Jul 29, 2009

Bird Day

Todei is my bird dei, but still have to work la dey.


This is why BOSS stands for

Birthday Oso Should Suffer.

Jul 24, 2009

JKR = Jangan Kerja Rajin

Diu lah, start work already. Everynight KO at 9pm cos too tired. Selling ultrasound scanning machines, come la buy from me put at home scan for fun. Cheapest RM28,000 only. Currently in Kuching, which is very boring. I mean...

What the fuck is there to see in Spring?
So I went back to modding. Project M2 is on the way and near completion. Besides that just rolling around on the sofa after taking stacks of DVD from my brother in law + Heineken + smokes. Now... all about waking up early, getting stuck in jam (although not as bad as KL), and scan myself here and there with the machines.
Should be back in KL for holideis end of this year, probably a week plus.
That's all for now. Mentally-jammed in office.