Dec 31, 2008


Dear 2008,

You have received 12 disciplinary notices within the past 12 months in conjunction with our conversations about your behavior and monthly performance. Unfortunately, I see no change in your performance. In this year you have fucked up more than 83 times and sucked on all months except July where your contribution won me Mod of The Month.

I rely on a year that is punctual and conscientious about attendance and deadlines. My clients will look elsewhere if I cannot offer them dependable service. You have demonstrated an unacceptable pattern of behavior. It is obvious you failed to follow what your senior, 2007, taught you. This is just like Pinocchio's nose failing to grow longer when he lie, or Andriy Shevchenko's performance when he was with Chelsea; a 30 million flop. Thus, we can no longer continue your employment. This decision is effective immediately. You will be paid 2 front pages of The Star newspaper dated 2nd July 2008 and 1st December 2008.

Our policy is to give only title of position and dates of employment to companies seeking references. You can be assured the details of this situation will remain strictly a company matter. We wish you the best in your future. Oh wait, you're going to expire in less than 10 hours. And I am pleased to inform you that your junior, Mr. 2009, will be replacing you with immediate effect. Now pack the rubbish you brought to the company for the past 12 months and fuck off. Just in case you just wake up while dozing off in your cubicle, this is a termination letter. Now wipe your saliva off the table and get out. Dettol and sponge is in the washroom.



Dec 29, 2008


I wonder how big are the asses of MAS' staffs. Look at the size of their toilet paper.

Bet you can't finish using it even after 6 months of wiping your ass eh? Actually its for their hands after they finish tinkering with the plane's stuffs or moving the stocks in the store room. Come to think of it, Marcie Tan will probably finish using it in less than a week without fail. Since he's so full of shit. Kua kua kua...

A lot of things to do. Finally done with the MAS data transfer thing. Now I need to continue with Matriarch. Have a reputation to live up to, you know? And you can't just abandon a mod when people are watching.


Dec 26, 2008


I was sleeping and MSN went berserk with messages. Too lazy to check till late night and found out from Froop that Paperazzi is running for Mod of The Year 2008 on Bit Tech. There's 15 mods running, so its a major underdog in there. So I could use some help. Non-forummers can vote but you'll need to register.

How to vote:

1. Go to

2. On the front page you'll see the Mod of The Year 2008 news


3. Click it, and intro for Paperazzi (my mod) will be on section 14

4. Or you can go immediately from the link "Sign Up To Vote"

5. Register your shits.

6. The email will be sent immediately and follow the link there

7. You'll need to vote for 3 mods, just make sure you tick mine LOL

8. And you stand a chance to win something as a voter

The prize pack is huge. I can use a new PC to replace this chugging AMD64 now. So, now, I need a big helping hand and if I do somehow miraculously win, I'll take it as a Christmas present lol.



Dec 14, 2008

Never Heard

Songs we'll probably never hear in our life.

Korn - Another Prick In The Mall (Another Brick In The Wall)
Metallica - Pedo Of The Day (Hero Of The Day)
Metallica - In-Law Porn (Outlaw Torn)
The Offspring - Original Wankster (Original Prankster)
Prodigy - Stack My Dish Up (Smack My Bitch Up)
Puddle of Mudd - She Mates Me (She Hates Me)
Richard Marx - Right Here Wanking (Right Here Waiting)
Scorpions - Rock You Like A Horlick Can (Rock You Like A Hurricane)
Seether - Token (Broken)
Slipknot - House of The Faggots (Pulse of The Maggots)
Vertical Horizon - Best I Ever Bed (Best I Ever Had)
Aerosmith - I Don't Want To Piss A Fling (I Don't Want To Miss A Thing)
AFI - Girls Got Prey (Girl's Not Grey)
Avril Lavigne - Sot Sot (So Hot)
Avril Lavigne - Constipated (Complicated)
Beyond - Paralyze (Paradise)
Blink 182 - I Diss You (I Miss You)
Blink 182 - The Cock Show (The Rock Show)
Buckcherry - For The Woosies (For The Movies)
Crazy Town - Resolving Pores (Revolving Doors)
Eric Clapton - Bears In Heaven (Tears In Heaven)
Eric Clapton - My Father's Pies (My Father's Eyes)
Faith Hill - There You'll Pee (There You'll Be)
Fergie - Pig Furs Don't Fry (Big Girls Don't Cry)
Good Charlotte - Keep Your Pants Off, My Girl (Keep Your Hands Off My Girl)
Hoobastank - Prawling In The Park (Crawling In The Dark)
Hoobastank - The Peasant (The Reason)
Linkin Park - Somewhere I Lelong (Somewhere I Belong)
Jennifer Lopez - Let's Get Lewd (Let's Get Loud)
John Mayer - Your Todi Is Wonderland (Your Body Is Wonderland)
Kenny G - The Torment (The Moment)
Justin Timberlake - Fry Me A Beaver (Cry Me A River)
Celine Dion - My Fart Will Go On (My Heart Will Go On)
LeAnn Rimes - Wife Goes Off (Life Goes On)
Michelle Branch - You Pet Me (You Get Me)
Billy Myers - Miss The Train (Kiss The Rain)
Chamillionaire - MYDIN's Dirty (Ridin' Dirty)
Enrique Iglesias - Mai Lah, Boss (Bailamos)
The Bangles - Eternal Lame (Eternal Flame)
Killswitch Engage - The Fan of Buttache (The End of Heartache)
MLTR - Wake Me To Your Fart (Take Me To Your Heart)
Stevie Wonder - I Just Called To Say I Loath You
Christina Aguilera - Teenie In A Motel (Genie In A Bottle)
Britney Spears - Oops I Married Again
Rihanna - Ambik Lah (Umbrella)
Robbie Williams - Fatter Man (Better Man)
Rod Stewart - When I Kneed You (When I Need You)
Roxette - Listen To Your Fart (Listen To Your Heart)
Switchfoot - Dare You To Moon (Dare You To Move)
Tatu - All The Thongs She Wear (All The Things She Say)
Blink 182 - Feeling Tits (Feeling This)
Christina Aguilera - I Turn To Jew (I Turn To You)
Christina Aguilera - Cum All Over (Come On Over)
Michael Jackson - Beli Jin (Billie Jean)
Michael Jackson - Pedo Young Things (Pretty Young Things)
Michael Jackson - The Lad In My Ranch (The Lady In My Life)
Michael Jackson - I Just Can't Stop Luring Kids (I Just Can't Stop Loving You)
Michael Jackson - Don't Stop Till You Get Enough (Kids)
Michael Jackson - You Are Not Ah Long
Michael Jackson - The Lost Children (In My Bed)
Michael Jackson - I Can't Help It (Touching Them Kids)
Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Startin' Pedo'in (Wanna Be Startin' Somethin')
Michael Jackson - The Nose Is Mine
Michael Jackson - Another Part of Me (Fell Off My Face)

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Dec 10, 2008


4th year of silence. When will we speak again? Remember when you made me promise we'll remain friends if it ended? I kept my promise and until I know what's the reason behind the silence. How are you as of late? I saw someone who is extremely similar to you in the train once and my heart almost popped out of my mouth. And I enlarged my balls just to walk over and ask her if she's you, cos I really hope she'll say yes. It was a no. Just to let you know that whenever I watch any movies with happy ending for the couples in them, its always you that come into my mind, no one else.

Yes, I still think of you quite often although there are others that come and go for the past few years. There are things I've opened my eyes and see more clearly as of late, and I have some to tell you. Until then I'll just keep it within myself. I admit its my ego that got in the way. I couldn't stand it everytime you complain about things I asked you to consider before we got together. And I admit I'm no good and I took more than I give in the relationship. Will I ever forget you? No. Not those time we spend together as well. 3 weeks short from your birthday, 3 weeks and 1 day short from mine. I'm not obsessed about thinking of you or making it a routine, but I feel you just deserve better back then.

Every year I'd hope my phone will ring and it'll be you on the other end. Never happened. Just know that I lost your number, and being bad with numbers I can't remember it or else I would've called way back ago. Some say I can't let go of the past while I deny it but you keep on coming back, but only in my head. Denial. Self denial. Honest truth is, I can't and still haven't. They always say the same thing. "There's always someone better". Bullshit. There isn't and hasn't been.

"I feel it on the inside
Twisting and contorting
Memory has shaped me once again
Still feel you on the inside
Biting through and stinging
Will I ever forget to remember?"

-Mudvayne: Forget To Remember-

Will I?


Dec 3, 2008

Tayed Tayed Tayed

Blurghhh, been workin on data transfer and hardware stuffs for MAS' office in Subang and then probably Kelana Jaya and KLIA later into the month. Super tiring and some users (luckily not me kena) are really kek pan especially the two Chun kena today. Was laughing like shit when we listen to his story about that PC retard auntie when we got back to Chris' shop.

Probably no updates for a long time. Too lazy to exercise my brain anymore when I reach home after 9 hours of staring at the screen and doing domain, software (those cb software if you make 1 small mistake in installation, cannot pakai, have to reformat.. mcb), and moving hardwares I think if Maggie Q strip in front of me I also wave white flag.