Dec 3, 2008

Tayed Tayed Tayed

Blurghhh, been workin on data transfer and hardware stuffs for MAS' office in Subang and then probably Kelana Jaya and KLIA later into the month. Super tiring and some users (luckily not me kena) are really kek pan especially the two Chun kena today. Was laughing like shit when we listen to his story about that PC retard auntie when we got back to Chris' shop.

Probably no updates for a long time. Too lazy to exercise my brain anymore when I reach home after 9 hours of staring at the screen and doing domain, software (those cb software if you make 1 small mistake in installation, cannot pakai, have to reformat.. mcb), and moving hardwares I think if Maggie Q strip in front of me I also wave white flag.



Blogger blue_racoon said...

so agree with you....some cb s/w...don't have "undo" function. No choice but to cheat by "uninstalling" and re-install :p

December 06, 2008 12:09 AM  

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