Jul 31, 2008

31st 2nd shot

Surprisingly leading the poll for July Mod of The Month on Bit-Tech.net although Prometheus is very close by.



I was waken up by an 11am call AGAIN for the 2nd day in a row. Stand Chart again offering sales position which is not what I want at all. Have to go to KL to meet up with ex-colleagues from CIMB for lunch at 1pm so took a quick shower and head out early as I usually take train to get to that area instead of driving.

Jalan Hang Lekiu, if you drive there, its usually jammed from 8am to 8pm. I walked out of my house and parked in front is my car, read: parked in front of my house, with a parking summon flapping in the wind. MKH, needless to say I get pissed off when MPSJ imbeciles starts to "work hard" for their Raya money... even in front of people's house.

When I got to KL, hey, I got a belated birthday present from ex-colleagues Rebecca & Adelyn. But the birthday card makes me feel old, real old. I've just turned 25, not 52 la girls. Thanks for the birthday present anyway, tho I'm more of a adidas guy but now at least my adidas cap can have its leave approved. Btw, with 6 caps including the new one, what should I do with them?

After that just went to IKANO to get some food for the little boss and then head straight back to Subang before both human and traffic jam starts. When I came back and opened my car door, eh, saw this thing on the ground. I looked up and the original piece is about 7 foot up from the ground on its pole. Something just bended and broke this thing clean off the original one. I don't think a 4WD can reach that sort of height. Drunk alien in mini UFO (Uninteresting Fuckin Objects)? Or probably just a dog playing frisbees at the playground and got over excited?

By the way this is the keyboard in progress to match Paperazzi's theme, kinda stuck on what else to mold but since "someone" suggested owl claws, hm can do. Voting for Bit-Tech's Mod of The Month is still running, can't wait to see where Paperazzi stands among the 5 elites for July.


Jul 30, 2008

July MoTM Nominee

Shocking. I checked my mail which is used to create the TBCS (The Best Case Scenario) account and found I is gots reply on my worklog so decided to check out whats the latest comment on Paperazzi. Oh, its the Australian guy who followed the mod from the beginning till the end, The boy 4rm oz or TB4O as usually called. His post on Paperazzi reads:

"Hey Acey congratz on your MOTM nomination over at Bit-Tech, good luck mate."

That was seriously like "WTF?" to me when I read it cos all along Bit-Tech has a lot of superb mods that fare high above my Paperazzi in the terms of hardware relocation, mod plans, materials, tools, design, etc. So I head over to the site, lo and behold... as I predicted, the MAJOR underdog in Bit-Tech's July Mod of The Month nomination list. I am following Langer's Copper Lian Li mod and Techdaddy's Deuce project so to compete with something that you follow, is always not a good sign haha.

Main page - click to enlarge

1st page - click to enlarge

But I don't mind if I don't get to be on the headlines, I mean cheapo mod and first Malaysian modder to be in that site's list lulz. Its been fun with Paperazzi and where it went. Hell, even my top panel is on the front page as the link picture lulz. Thats good enough for me cos I thought the hype's gonna end on TheBestCaseScenario's front-paged review & interview.

Intro page - click to enlarge

Intro continued - click to enlarge

Speechless. That's like the one of (if not) the biggest modding site and my 3 months' work is now one of the contenders. :) It actually made a lowyat.net guy went "Proud to be Malaysian" lol, I have no idea why, its not like I'm going to be on The Star or the TV or whatever even if Paperazzi gets the title for July. Things have been very good for me this month. Sadly the month is ending, but next month well, I'll try to make things good by myself :)

The comments page is filling up and got a couple of votes.

Bah, I is donts want to know the progress till the result are out.

Nao I is needs naps to is absorbs.



Damn sleepy la. CB Han calling me so early in the morning, semangat sial wanna go fishing. Told you people I don't wanna go cos I wanna sleep already still call me at 11am. TNS. Oh well, before leaving for the CFC game yesterday manage to piktar threadjack again.

If you wanna con, don't try selling 5-digit branded stuffs at 3-digit price, sohai.

Harry Potter - witchcraft & satanism. You must be really slow.

Russian inventor says we're lucky based on petrol price. LPPL.

Call tattooed peeps "freaks with criminal backgrounds" this what you get

You know how cold is your stupid joke?

Jo, you really are fail-chinese. Epicly.

And something I had to lulz


Chelsea 2 - 0 Malaysia XI

Really nice match for my birthday. Didn't take pictures cos Jo got an SLR so ask him to kao tim for me compared to my little Canon A430 that's used for case mod pix only. Reason: I don't take pix all the time cos I don't need buku 555 to remember vivid memories in my head forever.

We all thought MY XI gonna roll over n die like they usually do but came out fighting. Even the defenders amaze me. We had lots of chances in first half but meh... bad passes, aeroplanes. Got freaked out on 2nd minute when one of MY XI player went 1 on 1 with Petr Cech but as usual la the finishing no need to explain. 1st half was mostly us dominating, Cech can even play Sudoku for the whole half. 2nd half MY XI starts attacking, which produce some near-result.

Chelsea FC:
- Petr Cech (sub Cudiccini)
- Ricardo Carvalho (sub Alex)
- John Terry (sub Ivanovic)
- Wayne Bridge (sub A.Cole)
- Michael Essien full 90 minutes
- Jon Obi Mikel full 90 minutes
- Frank Lampard
- Deco
- Joe Cole
- Shaun Wright-Philips
- Nicolas Anelka

Goals: Nicolas Anelka, Ashley Cole

Can't recall the remaining order of subs but Andriy Shevchenko, Paulo Ferreira, Scott Sinclair, Florent Malouda, Franco Di Santo did come in as well. Shevchenko as usual a freakin disappointment that even Di Santo's touches are better than his. Somemore got tummy... haih, I think the fan behind me was right yesterday when he shouted "SHEVA..SHEVA..TUKAR CLUB LAH WOI" when Shevchenko finished his practice and went into the changing room. Cudiccini is as blur as possible, passing the ball in the box to an MY XI player! Lucky the fagtree also a bit shocked and got the ball cleared. But can't really blame Cudiccini as he hasn't play a real game for quite some time.

If you were in the same RM83 stand as me and heard "ORANG BAGI CHANCE PUN TAK TAU MASUK BOLA!" during that incident... thats me. And when one of the players roll over and like dying from minimal contact with Mikel its "WOI CHRISTIANO RONALDO KAH?" and one last one was "WAH TEMBAK BURUNG LAH" (well just look at one of the 5 reasons why MY XI cant beat CFC and you'll know).

They picked MoM as Lampard but I think thats just usual lah since he's famous; he's like uber lost on the pitch, should've been Michael Essien or Obi Mikel the most hardworking 2 on the pitch. MICHAEL BALLACK; our big boss sit there wearing slippers goyang kaki throwing jacket at the staff for fun n laughter. Whole game I was watching thru the binoculars, greedy on the best birthday present ever mah, can see live already can see the players clearly now wanna see them in bigger picture lol.

P/S: My prediction of 2-0 to give face is correct and my 5 points of why MY XI cant beat Chelsea also all proven correct. Will upload pix once I get them from Jo.

Thank you again Kenny for the training passes although I fail to "invoke" their full powaaah

Thank you Chelsea for a great eve and birthday this year.


Jul 29, 2008

Grim Reapa

More LYN Carnage:

Some England Fail wanna buy "Joker Postal"

Another lawak bodoh reply

Sisqo - Bat thong thong thong thong thong...

Main reply for fail threads

What do you think of RWI-ers? (Real World Issue forummers)

What do you think of RWI-ers? (Real World Issue forummers)

What do you think of RWI-ers? (Real World Issue forummers)

"Hey you look familiar. Do you study in TARC (TAR College)?" LAME PICKUP LINE.

Me. Period

Oh, meet my not so new pet. 5-turning-6 months old. Skelly got new neighbour to cook Sodo Mee with.

Artist: Kelvin Kok
Studio: Tattoo Family (Sungai Wang)


Run Papa Run

The director is hokkien achelly. I know although I don't get first hand interview with him.

This is his "edited" version that is on cinemas

And this is the actual version

P/S: of all my pix post in LYN I can't believe I forgotten to backup this one here.


Jul 27, 2008



Jul 25, 2008

Lulz Part 1.

Low Yat . Net Kopitiam. They kena.

How many real females do you REALLY & HONESTLY think LYN got with all those "Female" tags? Fags. Lol.

On "You is sux" England many powderful

"Jinkinz ON bikini" England lagi powderful

After that our Mr England try to cover malu


Jul 24, 2008

Done done done!

Finally finished the mod. Wanna take high-res ones tomorrow for one of the site I posted for the interview and feature.


Jul 23, 2008

On A Run

No lah I don't owe people money and running from them nor am I joining a marathon (run somemore I got only bones left). I'm on a power run, A straight run of luck to be exact, on my birth month. The closer it gets to my birthday the better it goes. First was the mod, which I have a lot of doubts in it, but now its completed.

Yesterday I just came out from the shower and messenger showed a new email. So slowly go hotmail check if its a new reply for my worklog in TBCS (www.thebestcasescenario.com - Paul Capello's / Crimson Sky's site. You know, the Doom 3 casing? If you don't know, go jump out the window, unless if you're a pc retard). I saw something that make me remember I got the 5 pics (few posts below) mocking our national team on why they can't possibly beat Chelsea. And I sent a link of it to Kenny Sia's email add. Free training passes :)

click to enlarge

Today I got the passes from adidas in The Gardens. Looks so classy got landyard lagi. Checked and fingers crossed that there's still tickets available. The slow s..l...o....w counter boy took out a list when I told him "Chelsea training pass, A28" and on the bloody piece of paper its printed "A28 - TBA". Niasing, have to give my IC and wait long long long lloooooongggg before he gave me the passes and bought RM83 tix since RM103 is sold out. Anyways, thank you Kenny Sia. Belanja you kolo mee if I bump into you when I go Kuching visit my sister and nieces lol.

click to enlarge

Then something's cooking up in TBCS as well which I'm not gonna say anything right now. Bit Tech.. well, top UK site so they have this high standards, but manage to clock up 1500+ views in 3.5 days after declaring the mod is 3/4 done. Got rated 5 stars by i-have-no-idea-who. Well, I'M THE FIRST TO USE PAPER TO MOD A CASE OK? IN THE WORLD OK? Lol. That makes me sound like an attention whore. Not much replies cos I started posting at BTN around end of June, which means thats like 3.5k views in less than a month. Hmm, to me thats pretty encouraging for a first time poster at such a major site :)

Next, I got a call from the uncle who I sent my rotary tool to be repaired. IT CAN BE SAVED! But he say he "modded" it with an external speed control and its gonna cost RM50 only. Phew. A new one wouldve cost around 300 bucks. Imagine that uncle, he probably don't know it but he's MODDING a MODDER's tool. Wow.

The only thing missing is a call for a job offer. Tiuz. Hmph, since so lucky everything soon soon lai yesterday, you know i know lah what Chinese people like to do to test power on their luck.

click to enlarge

Hopefully tonight tiok tao peo. HUAT AH. Not open also nevermind lah, I only buy for fun, but don't like what Ah Ong say in The Best Bet "Oo buey, oo kui, teok ji boh teok lui. Theow ji (nombor lompat)". Oh ya, saw this while rounding Mid Valley's Pets Wonderland to see if there's anything to buy for my hamster.

click to enlarge

Lol. Zinedine Zidog. Master of La Roulette.


Jul 22, 2008

HG & Saiful

We know they both have something in common. You'll know later. As you know, Saiful is the infamous guy who claimed Anwar Ibrahim cooked him a bowl of hot hot hot Sodo Mee (pic below) in this Damansara villa or something. No no no no no, its not the packaging that has something to do with Saiful-Hard Gay relationship.

HG has already proved Saiful's HG like 2 years ago.

Listen *or read* to what HG usually say.

Say say sayyyyyy = Sai- sai- sai

Hardo Gay... Fooooooooooooooo = Ful

= Saiful?