Jul 30, 2008

Chelsea 2 - 0 Malaysia XI

Really nice match for my birthday. Didn't take pictures cos Jo got an SLR so ask him to kao tim for me compared to my little Canon A430 that's used for case mod pix only. Reason: I don't take pix all the time cos I don't need buku 555 to remember vivid memories in my head forever.

We all thought MY XI gonna roll over n die like they usually do but came out fighting. Even the defenders amaze me. We had lots of chances in first half but meh... bad passes, aeroplanes. Got freaked out on 2nd minute when one of MY XI player went 1 on 1 with Petr Cech but as usual la the finishing no need to explain. 1st half was mostly us dominating, Cech can even play Sudoku for the whole half. 2nd half MY XI starts attacking, which produce some near-result.

Chelsea FC:
- Petr Cech (sub Cudiccini)
- Ricardo Carvalho (sub Alex)
- John Terry (sub Ivanovic)
- Wayne Bridge (sub A.Cole)
- Michael Essien full 90 minutes
- Jon Obi Mikel full 90 minutes
- Frank Lampard
- Deco
- Joe Cole
- Shaun Wright-Philips
- Nicolas Anelka

Goals: Nicolas Anelka, Ashley Cole

Can't recall the remaining order of subs but Andriy Shevchenko, Paulo Ferreira, Scott Sinclair, Florent Malouda, Franco Di Santo did come in as well. Shevchenko as usual a freakin disappointment that even Di Santo's touches are better than his. Somemore got tummy... haih, I think the fan behind me was right yesterday when he shouted "SHEVA..SHEVA..TUKAR CLUB LAH WOI" when Shevchenko finished his practice and went into the changing room. Cudiccini is as blur as possible, passing the ball in the box to an MY XI player! Lucky the fagtree also a bit shocked and got the ball cleared. But can't really blame Cudiccini as he hasn't play a real game for quite some time.

If you were in the same RM83 stand as me and heard "ORANG BAGI CHANCE PUN TAK TAU MASUK BOLA!" during that incident... thats me. And when one of the players roll over and like dying from minimal contact with Mikel its "WOI CHRISTIANO RONALDO KAH?" and one last one was "WAH TEMBAK BURUNG LAH" (well just look at one of the 5 reasons why MY XI cant beat CFC and you'll know).

They picked MoM as Lampard but I think thats just usual lah since he's famous; he's like uber lost on the pitch, should've been Michael Essien or Obi Mikel the most hardworking 2 on the pitch. MICHAEL BALLACK; our big boss sit there wearing slippers goyang kaki throwing jacket at the staff for fun n laughter. Whole game I was watching thru the binoculars, greedy on the best birthday present ever mah, can see live already can see the players clearly now wanna see them in bigger picture lol.

P/S: My prediction of 2-0 to give face is correct and my 5 points of why MY XI cant beat Chelsea also all proven correct. Will upload pix once I get them from Jo.

Thank you again Kenny for the training passes although I fail to "invoke" their full powaaah

Thank you Chelsea for a great eve and birthday this year.



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