Jul 23, 2008

On A Run

No lah I don't owe people money and running from them nor am I joining a marathon (run somemore I got only bones left). I'm on a power run, A straight run of luck to be exact, on my birth month. The closer it gets to my birthday the better it goes. First was the mod, which I have a lot of doubts in it, but now its completed.

Yesterday I just came out from the shower and messenger showed a new email. So slowly go hotmail check if its a new reply for my worklog in TBCS (www.thebestcasescenario.com - Paul Capello's / Crimson Sky's site. You know, the Doom 3 casing? If you don't know, go jump out the window, unless if you're a pc retard). I saw something that make me remember I got the 5 pics (few posts below) mocking our national team on why they can't possibly beat Chelsea. And I sent a link of it to Kenny Sia's email add. Free training passes :)

click to enlarge

Today I got the passes from adidas in The Gardens. Looks so classy got landyard lagi. Checked and fingers crossed that there's still tickets available. The slow s..l...o....w counter boy took out a list when I told him "Chelsea training pass, A28" and on the bloody piece of paper its printed "A28 - TBA". Niasing, have to give my IC and wait long long long lloooooongggg before he gave me the passes and bought RM83 tix since RM103 is sold out. Anyways, thank you Kenny Sia. Belanja you kolo mee if I bump into you when I go Kuching visit my sister and nieces lol.

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Then something's cooking up in TBCS as well which I'm not gonna say anything right now. Bit Tech.. well, top UK site so they have this high standards, but manage to clock up 1500+ views in 3.5 days after declaring the mod is 3/4 done. Got rated 5 stars by i-have-no-idea-who. Well, I'M THE FIRST TO USE PAPER TO MOD A CASE OK? IN THE WORLD OK? Lol. That makes me sound like an attention whore. Not much replies cos I started posting at BTN around end of June, which means thats like 3.5k views in less than a month. Hmm, to me thats pretty encouraging for a first time poster at such a major site :)

Next, I got a call from the uncle who I sent my rotary tool to be repaired. IT CAN BE SAVED! But he say he "modded" it with an external speed control and its gonna cost RM50 only. Phew. A new one wouldve cost around 300 bucks. Imagine that uncle, he probably don't know it but he's MODDING a MODDER's tool. Wow.

The only thing missing is a call for a job offer. Tiuz. Hmph, since so lucky everything soon soon lai yesterday, you know i know lah what Chinese people like to do to test power on their luck.

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Hopefully tonight tiok tao peo. HUAT AH. Not open also nevermind lah, I only buy for fun, but don't like what Ah Ong say in The Best Bet "Oo buey, oo kui, teok ji boh teok lui. Theow ji (nombor lompat)". Oh ya, saw this while rounding Mid Valley's Pets Wonderland to see if there's anything to buy for my hamster.

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Lol. Zinedine Zidog. Master of La Roulette.



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