Jul 19, 2008

Almost there.

Almost done with Paperazzi. Sent my dremel to this apek's shop to see if he can do something about the insides. Basically spinning out of control, imagine having just 6 gauges on the bloody thing and the thing itself is spinning at about 10. @_@ I don't wanna lose any of my nipples over it. Clear coated everything this morning, these are yesterday's pix.

Left Panel. First of all works

Part of the left panel

Part of the left panel

Part of the left panel

Highlight of the whole mod, the front panel

Front panel got period XD

Hardest work of all, top panel (8 hours of molding)

Part of the top panel

My room looks like some AVP scene just took place here with all those glossy purple drips on the floor. OoOoOoOoooo. Prolly another48 hours before the whole case kao tim. Now I only have the right panel to fuss over and the 120mm fan bracket for the front panel. Time to move the lazy ass a bit instead of sleeping and chilling after seeing the case is almost there.

Neighbour's irritating the fuck out of me with the renovation. Wait, you wait, I'll go grab a new workbench and put the ultimate noise maker combination together. My bloody jigsaw and a side panel... just for the sake of disturbing your sleep 7 days a week. Niama, I'm so gonna make you wake up 7am in the morning thinking someone is firing a sub at your newly renovated house.



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