Jan 23, 2009

Balik Kampung

Babai. 1 week. No Internuts. Oh Lawd.


Jan 21, 2009


If you don't see me online don't assume I'm dead. Will be back in Sibu between 23rd to 1st. But won't be long in Subang, only be here for a day to feed the hamster and fishes, check my mail for replies from job agencies and Symphony, before going off to Phuket early morning (7am flight) on the 3rd. What to do in Phuket? Muay Thai training camp.

No, you didn't hear me wrong. Muay Thai. I repeat, Muay Thai. Now I'll tell you a different thing that you'll think you read wrongly too...... I've been working out for the past 1 week. Yes, work out, not make out. Destination will be south Phuket, and from the airport I'll be heading straight to Sinbi Muay Thai Camp. I searched for training camps/gyms and although Tiger Muay Thai is reknowned, Sinbi's site gave the best and most complete information to clear my questions. The place is owned by 2005 KOMA champ Sinbi Taewoong @ Thopadak Wanchalerm (Thopadak = Fish spear) and he's one of the trainers there. Here's a video of him (fight parts starting after 1st min):

But why Sinbi's? Cos I got no martial arts background/history, so I really don't know what to expect from Muay Thai. And travelling alone, I have truckloads of questions on the hows, whos, wheres, whens, whats. Honestly (not carrying balls) so far this is the most informative website I ever came across. There are a couple of trainers there but I don't know who will train me, tho I've notified them that I'm not even half as fit as most trainees at the camp. Now I need to get my stamina back, noticed I lost a lot of speed, strength and stamina since I quit football due to the nerve problem on both legs.

Yesterday guess who joined me to run around the 1.4km stretch of Subang Lake? Sherry. Ya, big boobs Sherry. At 7am. Only managed a miserable run of 2 laps and I think 4 laps of walks for warm up and warm down. I'm very the pissed that my arms are still bitching from weights and push ups, that means I can't work them yesterday and today. Right now, I've just came back from the lake and today is a day of total fail lol. 3/4 lap and the late breakfast effect kicks in dammit. Had to stop. Probably tmrw I'll go eat at 5am let it digest for 2 hours before starting.

With only 13 days to go, I think there's a lot to do before I'm off to the camp. If you think I'm doing this from too much Ong Bak or Tom Yum Goong, now gimme 50 bucks. Cos I was supposed to learn MT together with Hong and his bunch back in 2001/2002 and that time the only Thai movie I've watched is Nang Nak. Just that at last minute all of them dropped the plan (WTF?). Since life is throwing a truckload of shit on me since last year's May, I'll just do the things I planned but didn't carry out during college days.


Jan 14, 2009


OK, here, we don't really have any impressive names unless if your ma and pa goes nuts and named you Tiu Nia Sing or Chow Chee Bai (in case if you're Indian, Kaninabu applies). Was reading Cracked.com's article of "9 Manliest Names In The World" and seriously, some people have names that can kick the combination of our Chinese, Malay AND Indian name's asses. Just mentioning their names is enough to give you an idea of Chuck Norris' foot on your surname's face. You can read them from the link, no point typing them out.

You know at times in Facebook you add people up just for the sake of some games so you'll have enough people with you to meet the requirement for the next level thing? I know Rachael's account is full of those (although its her mom who games, that's one awesome mom you got, Rach). I have one on my list who was on 'green mode' so I browsed her profile to see who that is. Some girl gamer that I added for some Blood-whatshitnot games few months back. Lo and behold...

Dude, if Cracked.com changed their 9 Manliest Names article to 10 Manliest Names, the guy she's dating will be in there, trust me. He brews Troy. You can be any of those 9 names on Cracked, be it Max Fightmaster or Lance Armstrong, your name doesn't brew one whole nation. Or Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom. And there's only one effect you can get from drinking Troy Beer; you'll be standing outside whatever shithole you bought the beer from and shouting "HECTOR" non-stop until the shop owner comes out and dick slap you.

Not fair, Caucasians have bad ass names, we Chinese don't get them :( .. NEVERMIND, that gives me an idea.
Tomorrow I'm gonna go and get my surname and chinese name changed. Instead of Tang Y.S it's gonna be..

Ta 7 Lei


Jan 12, 2009

Tuts My Barreh

Fuckin A man. Koreans should stick to playing Starcraft, like, really. Abomination of Mariah Carey's Touch My Body. Its like you take that song, and you chuck it into Chernobyl and kaboom another nuclear plant.

I know you love my cock...


Jan 5, 2009

LOL Monday

Aduih, I laugh until stomach pain. Translating cantonese to hokkien, but the problem is.... the translator don't really know much cantonese and simply translate.



Jan 3, 2009


Ang Moh version = Original YMCA by Village People

Asian version = Young Men by Hard Gay Razor Ramon

Malaysian version = Why MCA?


Jan 1, 2009

Potong Stim

So with nothing to do at 2.30pm, I texted a few victims to see where they are (were, by now) going for the countdown. Most of the numbers that I have in my sim card's phone book will usually use public holidays with "eve-eve sound" as a reason to drink and wake up to a hangover the next day. Out of 8 sms to different circle of friends, C came up with the best suggestion. Call came up almost immediately about 3pm:

C: Oi, tonight no place to go har?

Me: Don't know lah, just woke up text anyone see what's their plan.

C: We're going to Rockmount tonight. Wanna go?

Me: Where the fuck is that?

C: A pub near the old Bali there. Got a lot of different chicks there.

Me: OK ON. Call me tonight confirm what time you coming to fetch me.

Hell, you can't blame me. I wouldn't wanna celebrate the passing of the shittiest year in my life with all batangs or light sabres around the table. Not to mention I haven't found a new target since it ended with Rina. So went there to test water for my eyes see how good these "hostess" really are. When I reach there, I know the fucker has been a regular there. One Thai hostess, A, came up and hugged him, I think A has a crush on him cos she wasn't after his moolah or commission from bottles opened. I'm innocent here, I only shook hands with her and a couple more who stopped by while he introduced me to them.

Until this local chick, L, came by, sorta caught my eye for a moment. Cute, as in very, although there's another Thai chick but that one confirmed VIP reservation for our Mr. H lol, so no touchy touchy. What, you think I'm looking for girlfriend or future wife at place like that har? Go dai if you are thinking of that. It was ok at first until this one singer starts yelping with her Donald Duck voice into the mic, and the speakers are all around our place. Cheesus. After that, out of nowhere around 1am it turned into a feng tau haven. WTF. Potong stim. Nevertheless, we left.

Didn't get to say bye to L. Nevermind, with those bunch of frequent hum kar lings they sure will be there few days a week. And no, I tak kena jampi ok.

Happeh Fuckeh Neweth Yearth, mofos.