Jan 14, 2009


OK, here, we don't really have any impressive names unless if your ma and pa goes nuts and named you Tiu Nia Sing or Chow Chee Bai (in case if you're Indian, Kaninabu applies). Was reading Cracked.com's article of "9 Manliest Names In The World" and seriously, some people have names that can kick the combination of our Chinese, Malay AND Indian name's asses. Just mentioning their names is enough to give you an idea of Chuck Norris' foot on your surname's face. You can read them from the link, no point typing them out.

You know at times in Facebook you add people up just for the sake of some games so you'll have enough people with you to meet the requirement for the next level thing? I know Rachael's account is full of those (although its her mom who games, that's one awesome mom you got, Rach). I have one on my list who was on 'green mode' so I browsed her profile to see who that is. Some girl gamer that I added for some Blood-whatshitnot games few months back. Lo and behold...

Dude, if Cracked.com changed their 9 Manliest Names article to 10 Manliest Names, the guy she's dating will be in there, trust me. He brews Troy. You can be any of those 9 names on Cracked, be it Max Fightmaster or Lance Armstrong, your name doesn't brew one whole nation. Or Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom. And there's only one effect you can get from drinking Troy Beer; you'll be standing outside whatever shithole you bought the beer from and shouting "HECTOR" non-stop until the shop owner comes out and dick slap you.

Not fair, Caucasians have bad ass names, we Chinese don't get them :( .. NEVERMIND, that gives me an idea.
Tomorrow I'm gonna go and get my surname and chinese name changed. Instead of Tang Y.S it's gonna be..

Ta 7 Lei



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