Mar 31, 2009

Spam Fever

March 31st. The date I officially hijacked Real World Issues in and spammed 20 topics. Guess what, the lazy mods took more than 20 minutes before I get the ban I'm waiting for, and only suspended for a month. Waffak. What I posted:

And then it spreadddddd... wideeee

What I get:

A parting gift for the lulz of /k/

Edit: Its a permaban now. They need 6 minutes to make up their mind. LOL. Success!

9-10 other posters in my "Should I Spam RWI?" poll got 3-4 days' vacashyun as well *whistles*


Mar 24, 2009

One More Week

The forwarder's guy came to get the car 5 minutes ago. Car should reach Kuching by next monday, which is about 3 days' ship route (container leaving on Friday). That means a week plus without car here. Meh, normal food are like 10 minutes' walk away and I don't really fancy walking under the sun in between 12pm to 2pm. Already tanned enough coming back from Thailand that people mistook me for a Malay. Spend somemore time under our "skin-friendly" Malaysia sun, I might end up looking like a smaller version of this guy:

Goh Kah Gin @ Ng Kok Chin @ Woo Mao Chien

Most stuffs are not packed yet. Only PC disassembled and reassembled without a case. Stuffed 2 boxes containing some old non-important stuff in the car along with Paperazzi. Either one of the two boxes go missing, I don't really mind, but not my July Mod of The Month case. I figure it might be more or less another week before I leave this place. It will be really hard, no doubt it will be starting all over again cos besides my cousin's son, my sister and her inlaws, and aunt's family, I don't know anyone in Kuching at all. Not to mention I don't know my way around there as well.


All my life I hate to even think of staying in apartments/condos/flats (you can't afford a house the size of my parents' house if you're in KL) but now moving back I have to stay with the sister in her new apartment. Damn. Imagine the neighbour closing the door tad too hard in the morning, I might have to wake up as well. No internuts for me as I don't wanna bother her since she's fucken busy with her work nowadays. Worst, I doubt there's any Muay Thai gym in Kuching. After training for the past 2 months, its kinda hard to stop for more than a week and not kicking/punching stuffs.

Yam senggggggg

No car, don't know what to do. But this week will be yum cha week, so I get to see more or less everyone I've known for years before I leave. People from college, Tattoo Family guys and girls, Chris & Han, etc etc, and those shop owners that I've frequented for the past 9 years. So, if I don't really text/msn/call you up, oh well, that shows how significant you are. For one whole year, I've seen and rethink about a lot of stuffs, and did a lot of hobby/activities that I've always wanted to start. So far what happened:

- Left CIMB end of April 2008, rejected my first offer from Stand Chart (hmph lansi)

- Helped Chris out at his PC shop for a month doing accounts (most of the time playing FB poker)

- Started and finished Paperazzi, the keyboard, mouse and speaker mod

- Helped Chris again with his MAS data transfer project. Get to take a look inside MAS' Subang airport, the hangar, different departments. Like damn rilek only they work there.

- Went to Thailand for Muay Thai at Sinbi's for a week. Got to know a lot of new and interesting people from all around the globe.

- Came back and continued training at Jakk Othman's. Get to see the difference between Thai fighters' down-to-earth attitude and Malaysian wannabes' I-am-the-best-although-I-just-started attitude.

Zzzzzz. Time to go get some food, skipped training today just to wait for Nazim to come get the car. And then more games to play, tomorrow, back to same ol' life; training.

Mar 16, 2009

Trees, Motherfucker!

Most of the mornings I'll be at Subang Lake, hoping to run as far as Dee can (10km), work on my cardio and stamina. So far so bad, 1 month into off-on running, can only do 3km max before coming to a halt (its 1.4km around the lake). By now, I am familiar with the faces around there. The gold hair uncle and his 2 friends, 'Chunky' the Malay uncle, the crazy Indian dude who run I-totally-lost-count laps, the 2 aunties who gossip and complain about everything everywhere everyhow whenever I run past them, and a fat fella who just listen to the mp3 and walking around. That's not gonna help your flabby every-joint, fat ass.

Subang Lake. Yes that's Sauron's tower rebuilt.

Very nice hor the view above? Wait till you run one round, then another. And you'd wish you can throw up on the spot. Firstly, no MILFs (if thats what on your mind) only old aunties. And then, TREES, MOTHERFUCKER!
When you look in front its the rough concrete, left and right, trees after trees after motherfucking trees. THE HORROR THE HORROR. Sometimes there will be something BIG splashing in the lake, I don't know what's that, only saw the splash and huge ripples on the water surface. Finally there's a bunch of Pakatan Orang Tua doing Tai Chi there with the ngi-ngi-ngo-ngo sound from the radio.

Fucken bugs

If you're going to run there, let's just say 6-7am is not a good time to start. Before the sun really breaks through the clouds, there are a lot... I repeat, a-motherfucking-shit-loads-type-of a lot little white bastards flying/buzzing in circles on the running path. I went and goes BAM, a faceful of bugs for you, thank you very much. And then that disturbed my breathing while I run. KNN. When the sun comes up a little bit, these little fuckers will go hide and play their chase-my-ass-in-circles somewhere darker.

Oh hi there!

3km nia. Le sigh, that's 1/3 of what Muay Thai fighters run daily. If weather's not so grumpy later at about 5pm I'll probably head there for another 3.
Never see who runs there at noon. Maybe some MILFs for me to wash my eyes instead of trees, trees, trees, motherfucking trees again. Yeah, I still get stares, especially my legs, maybe they're thinking "Waffak is this VCD seller doing here running around?"

Same ol' same ol'...

Same ol' problems
Same ol' days
Same ol' story
Same ol' game
Same ol' hustles
The same ol' way
Same ol' situation
Same ol' days

Mar 11, 2009

Faceless Muay Thai

This is the fight stance

This is an uppercut

This is a front kick

This is a.. um.. kick

This is a roundhouse kick

This is a low kick

This is knee to the face

This is an elbow

This is also an elbow

If you kena tapau in fights, don't blame me, blame your skills paria lah.

Mar 9, 2009

More Mor Mo