Dec 4, 2007

Jesse James

Damn. Have to temporarily hold the collection. Lack of $ you see, been jobless for a month and just recently jumped on the CIMB wagon. This month's pay, I think can only buy peanuts for meself. Hopefully everything goes well at work (i'm talking incentive-wise) and come 2008 with its new series, there'll be a major haul by end of January hehehe. Or probably another tattoo before Chinese New Year to fully cover my left calf so I don't feel awkward going out in short pants with one white chicken-bamboo leg and one black chicken-bamboo leg.

As usual, its the "tradition" I started; getting inked once a year. I still haven't manage to break the "one" and turn it into "two" per year as Kelvin's wife was pregnant this year after he finished my right calf right before Chinese New Year. Well, maybe this year it'll be two.

New tradition.




How I wish I'm sitting on cash and reputation like Jesse James did in 1876.