May 11, 2009

Contender Asia II

Really wanna watch Contender Asia 2 live but then already moved back so that's kinda shitty right now. Still jobless and worse, 'internetless'. Looks like Bernard Radin's representing our country, on home turf. The list is kinda wow cos this is actually the first time I see "Hong Kong" listed.

Paulo Balicho (Switzerland)
Bernard Radin (Malaysia)
Rafi Zouhier (Spain)
Pak-Wing Heung (Hong Kong)
Jordan Watson (U.K.)
Eli Madigan (Australia)
Bakhulule Baai (Africa)
Marcus Oberg (Sweden)
Levin Artem (Russia)
Marco Piqué (Netherlands / Suriname)
Saro Presti (Italy)

To be confirmed
Khem Fairtex (Central Thailand)
Jesse Miles (Canada)
Singsiri Por Sirichai (South Thailand)

If there ain't any Thais in a Muay Thai tournament, it isn't complete isn't it? I'm out of everything right now, the highlight one is that I'm out of a gym to train. So just limiting myself to push ups, sit ups, squats, skipping, and weights. Freakin hate this place if you ask me. Meh.

Watched half of The Contender Season 4 (pure boxing). Just browsed the result and as predicted the finals are between Troy Ross and Hino Ehikhamenor with Troy Ross winning (as expected). Olympian and after knocking out Felix Cora Jr. and Lawrence Tauasa within 2 rounds each, there's little doubt Troy is the man to beat in the tourney. Too bad I didn't download the first semi match between Troy and Akinyemi Laleye, two slick fighters.