Dec 26, 2008


I was sleeping and MSN went berserk with messages. Too lazy to check till late night and found out from Froop that Paperazzi is running for Mod of The Year 2008 on Bit Tech. There's 15 mods running, so its a major underdog in there. So I could use some help. Non-forummers can vote but you'll need to register.

How to vote:

1. Go to

2. On the front page you'll see the Mod of The Year 2008 news


3. Click it, and intro for Paperazzi (my mod) will be on section 14

4. Or you can go immediately from the link "Sign Up To Vote"

5. Register your shits.

6. The email will be sent immediately and follow the link there

7. You'll need to vote for 3 mods, just make sure you tick mine LOL

8. And you stand a chance to win something as a voter

The prize pack is huge. I can use a new PC to replace this chugging AMD64 now. So, now, I need a big helping hand and if I do somehow miraculously win, I'll take it as a Christmas present lol.




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