Nov 17, 2008


7 deadly sins. Very interesting. We all have, the difference is just which "department" each person have more than the other. Let's see, out of the 7 (Vanity/Pride, Wrath, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Envy) Wrath will probably be my worse trait. Wait, it is what I am born with (or inherited from the old man). You can't blame me when human being are just plain stupid. I'm not violent by nature, just very twisted. Now, the slightest thing that will tick me off (its far beyond "irritate") will be:

1. Drivers who take their own sweet time on the road. If you get rammed head on by a trailer I'll get down from my car to laugh at you first, take down your car plat number, and proceed to buy 4D.

2. People who make those chiap chiap chiap noise while eating. Parents never teach you table manner is it?

3. Egoistic people who brag about simple achievements (as in owning this & that stuff or kindergarten kid's abilities).

4. Body contact with anything that clutters my leg space. Short tables, stuffs on the floor.

5. Stupid, obvious, questions. "Does it (tattoo) hurt?" included.

6. Things that I construct fall apart halfway. Paper mache, furniture are two of the most

7. Slipping chairs, even if I don't fall off it. They don't bounce so well off the wall.

8. Double parkers. Just itching for some paint stripper (read yesterday's post) on their fucking cars.

9. Kids crying. Whenever that happen, I just take a side panel and jigsaw into the washroom (since it echoes) and make the kid cry louder.

10. People who just walk so fucking slow. Waiting for reincarnation is it?

11. Technical glitches, pc crashing and lagging, slow-running programs. Or even mouse pointer getting in my way.

12. Bumping into edges of furniture or door knobs. Pain automatically signals anger.

13. People nagging. Mom's included. You'll get your share of "give and take".

14. Sitting at the same table as someone who boast like nobody knows its bull and cock. Too bad if I have to put you down in public, really loud.

15. People blocking my view especially at cinema or while watching football.

16. Fickle-minded people. You either decide early or you don't get what you want at all, period.

17. Stupid jokes. You wanna make a joke at me its fine, I can laugh at myself. But if you do it very poorly, you're in for something.

18. Stupid parents. You just don't bring your kids to smoking section of a restaurant, or let your kids play with near-empty spray cans, or put screwdrivers in their mouth you dumb cunts.

19. Spilling stuffs. This is beyond explanation. I need Mulder and Scully's help in debunking this.

20. People repeating themselves. We hear you correct in the first place. We ignore if it means nothing. Now shut the fuck up.

21. Dumb fucks kicking my chair in the cinema. Again, irritation is an understatement for this.

22. What's worse than being in a room with a dumbass? Being in a room with a smart ass. You only prove its empty up there when you open your mouth a lot.

23. Irritation to body parts especially throat and nose. Pisses me off to the point I feel like cutting them off or tearing them out if they are changeable like car spare parts.

24. Wrong number calls. If I tell you wrong number, fuck off, don't start double-asking or confirming the number again. I don't have time nor patience for stupid people.

25. People touching or shifting my stuffs. When I leave my things that way, I expect it to be THAT way when I need it, be it 5 months from now.

26. Emo faggots. You cut your arms so many times yet you don't dare to take that one decisive cut. Fucking waste of food source if you ask me.

27. Sick people. If you are sick, stay the fuck at home. Don't come out telling everyone how sick you are, and then pull a fuckface the whole day.

28. Not getting my stuffs in time. If you told me I'm gonna get it by tomorrow, it better be there tomorrow, not a day more.

29. Framing/blaming me on things I don't do. This will be the number one source. You don't wanna do that, like, really.

30. Talking religious to me. I'm a free thinker, I'm fine with what I believe in, don't try to change my mind because having faith in yourself can pull you through almost anything. Since you yourself started what got you knee deep in the shit.

That pretty much sums it all. There are more but less severe cases. Like what Jeff said "You can't kill some people just because its illegal". When that moment comes, you really can give a flying fuck to that line.



Blogger blue_racoon said...

u are not alone!! I also get damn tulan with almost 90% of the things u mentioned there....

November 18, 2008 2:58 PM  
Blogger Harry said...

muahahahaz.. see a strong ego in u.. hiakz hiakz..

November 19, 2008 1:01 AM  
Blogger YingYang@QS said...

19. Spilling stuffs.

I hate it too, somehow.

and I hate breaking stuff accidentally, I love it when it's on purpose.

21. Dumb fucks kicking my chair in the cinema.

How about dumb fucks that bring their fucking kids that can't shut up or stop moving for 1 hour to a cinema.

November 20, 2008 6:25 PM  

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