Oct 26, 2008


Lately if I haven't been replying to your MSN messages and appeared to have poof-ed from chatboxes, well this is these are what I'm up to right now. I'm a very busy man lol. Even my middle finger is blistered from shredding paper.


If you've watched Death Race that came out not long ago, you'll know who "Frankenstein" is. Its about prisoners racing in souped up cars, with armors and weapons. Just in case you haven't watch, here's an image of Frankenstein from the movie.

The last time I checked a gas mask, it costs RM280 for a lousy half-faced dual-chambered one at ACE Hardware in Sunway Pyramid. Fuck it, since I'm not one for stock items, imma build my own gas mask. Cheap ass RM8 Halloween mask from Carrefour kekekeke.

Just papered the front layer after some cuttings and tapings. Should be about 0.5mm to 1cm thick by the time its finished.


This project will be the biggest so far, comparing UV-CMA64 (fail: top panel gave way), American Apathy (fail: extremely scratched side paint job), and Paperazzi. That's right. I'm modding again after 1.5 months' rest. Took a break after Paperazzi to sort things in my head out. I have tons of images of what I wanna build. The bad part is to pick out the right ones, slowly piece them together like a 5000-piece jigsaw puzzle, and get one final image of the build.

I plugged it in. It ain't working. I was pissed off. Today, while I wanted to plug in another thing I noticed the main plug wasn't plugged. Ah crap. So I plugged in the main plug. Fuckin A, bitches. My dremel works again! Luckily I didn't go back to the hardware shop, beat the shit out of the shop owner for "killing" my precious tool, and then make an ass out of myself.



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