Oct 9, 2008

Modding Updates

Been quite a while since I last did a mod-related post. Supposed to start on the LCD mod but well, stuffs are holding me back cause I don't want a mod to be left hanging mid-air. And I can't estimate how long I need for the mod due to the CCFL (that's the "lights" thingy for you non-modding people) extension from the back of the monitor. There's been a couple of spins and people bringing up the word again on a couple of places. Still remember this block of monster with hardware as harmless as Hello Kitty?


Got a reply from Brett Thomas, one of Bit Tech's staffs. He's forwarded my details and address to AC Ryan and notified that they'll get my prize pack sent over a.s.a.p. I'll just have to wait. In case you don't know where the prize pack comes from, here: Bit Tech's July Mod of The Month. There's gonna be "bits of this and that and AC Ryan acrylic" in the package as what Brett wrote to me. I've never seen a piece of ACR plexi in front of me before, so that's sorta good for me. I'll chuck everything I got from this prize pack into my next mod.


Francis Sutherland from TBCS (check that damn site if you don't know who owns it) pm-ed me on MSN as soon as I logged on. They got something up for TBCS and just grabbing some opinions from non-staff members. Hell I'd love to grab my hands on the thing they're coming up with but too bad, no paypal no credit card. I guess I'll have to go another way, by hook or by crook, if Paperazzi is on one of it haha.


Been talking to my "sifu", Kent20. Haven't seen him for like 4-5 or probably more years. He suggested a crossover, or in simpler terms "collaboration" to come up with a mod. I need to sort out some stuffs first before starting any more mods. I wonder how things will turn out if we do eventually finish a total scratch crossover. He's more of a plastic guy and I'm a paper guy. That would be a weird hybrid of a case.

That's all for now. Still waiting for Ken Kirby's business card design result. That powah supply would do me some good for my next mod. Faceless Pipol will be back for the next post. I just don't have time nor mood to draw right now.



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