Sep 25, 2008

Music: Past & Present

Was bored and not even 1% sleepy last nite so was cracking my head to dig back old music from early till late 90s to download. I ended up with something funny. AQUA and their "Aquarium" album. Don't know? Nevermind. Here are artists that I've followed for a couple of albums. Don't really have a passion for screaming bastards except for a couple of tracks, so yeah, not really a very very heavy metal type of music for me. And I usually will backtrack to an artist/band's earlier albums.

First well, Bon Jovi. If you really don't know "Always", I got nothing to say. Backtrack and got some of their older albums. From there, it was The Offspring. Started with "Come Out & Play" and I bought their next album; Ixnay On The Hombre, then Americana. Still following their new albums although Conspiracy of One was downloaded. Shh.

Moved on to Metallica after I heard Memory Remains and starts backtracking to their more glorious tracks and albums. Been buying almost all their albums (Load, Reload, S&M, St. Anger) although not very impressed with St. Anger. Dropped like a sack of potatoes.

Before I leave the final year of secondary school, another friend told me about MM; Marilyn Manson. First thought "Is that a girl?". So went and bought a copy of Antichrist Superstar. HOOKED like a crack addict. Heck, back then to me the sound Manson & his band was playing is beyond god-like.

Early 2000, I bought this capalang mixed-artists metal album cos I was intrigued by the names on the album. Buckcherry with one of their old songs which I can't remember what the title is. Ya, Josh Todd didn't just come out of nowhere with "Sorry" ok? And there was Korn with Trash, still a follower of Korn's stuffs.

Coal Chamber was in the CD too. The moment "Loco" played, its like.. um.. epic orgasm? Though the song is about 1-2 years old by then. I still listen to it nowadays, along with "Fiend" and the funnily-titled "Shock The Monkey" featuring the epic Ozzy Osbourne. They eventually disbanded and the lead singer, Dez Fafara, formed Devildriver which I have followed for 2 albums.

Not really into the lyrics or vocals but more into Johnny B's drums (go YouTube "Clouds Over California" or "These Fighting Words"). Meh, I miss watching Nadja Peulen on bass.. so much tastier than Rayna. Slipknot Slipknot Slipknot! First time I heard of them, I don't know, did I download or was it in the CD too? They were weird at first, 8 masked guys. People=Shit then I got Wait & Bleed etc etc. Only started to sort of tidy up their stuffs starting from Subliminal Verses album and now I only got Psychosocial from their latest album.

After that I heard Nobody's Real by Powerman 5000. Don't know if they're still around or not. Still listen to their older tracks like Bombshell, Supernova Goes Pop, Free, etc. About a year or two later I found out the lead singer, Spider, sounds like someone. More on that later.

Saw Kid Rock's Bawitdaba on MTV and bought his Devil Without A Cause. Still following till today (Cocky, that album with American Bad Ass in it, Kid Rock). From Kid Rock sorta come Ah Lim Biskut... Limp Bizkit that was on that mixed CD with Nookie. Onwards to their Chocolate Starfish album but then their next album was... hopeless (the one James Iha replaced Wes Borland on guitar), and finally Wes Borland left the band (I heard he's back, dunnoh).

I heard someone with vocals almost similar to Spider from Powerman 5000. It turned out to be ROB ZOMBIE. I was, no doubt, went crazy on my The Sinister Urge album, playing it till who knows how many times a day. Backtracking to his older stuffs during White Zombie days, I still find his line-up with Riggs, Blasko, and Tempesta is the one that suits my ears. After Educated Horses and then he started directing movies. Mehh, prolly no more albums from me favorite artist. And oh yeah, why do they sound the same? Cos he's Spider's brother. Serious.

Randy burned me a CD which contains a song called Pig Society. When I played it, that was one of the songs in the capalang CD I bought in early 2000. Its by Dope from Felon & Revolutionnaires album. Epic orgasm, again. From there onwards, there's always Dope on my playlist. Life, Group Therapy, American Apathy, American Apathy Reloaded (I lost their updated version of Burn and Fuck Tha Police). Even their demo "Little Fish" that has been revamped for American Apathy titled "Fuck The World".

Dope. Them good. Too bad Racci Shay left. That's all for now. Some bands are not to be placed in the list as they usually involve a single track, or disbanded after a while. I got some older bands like Guns N Roses, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, AC/DC, Scorpion, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, and even Elvis. I swear I'm gonna use a flamethrower on whoever that stole my Motley Crue's Greatest Hits CD. It just went POOF. Dammit.

So what's your past and present for music?

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Blogger みえ said...

wow... reminds me of the days man ...

September 26, 2008 10:29 AM  
Blogger Yap Chee Hong said...

hmm....i know nothing much abt ur list except Metallica.... now their music sounds even worse with their new album Death Magnetic...

October 04, 2008 12:55 PM  

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