Sep 24, 2008

As LOL as LOLnaldo

Cheesus Kryst. Its been a long long time since I've read something so sarcastically written, sarcastic till its so damn funny. Usually when you go to football news site what do you expect? Yada yada yada "a glorious cross from X met by a thumping header by Y" or "A keeps his faith in B and hopes that bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch". This is different. I'll quote the funny part just to keep it short.

Quoted from: Soccernet
Title: "Fifth official: The last look at the weekend"
Writer: The Fifth Official
Synopsis: Talking about what happened in England (BPL) over the weekend

Nicolas Anelka's expression after missing from 4 yards
"I bet you could sit him down, tell him he's won £250m on the lottery, been asked out for half a shandy by Scarlett Johansson or that his house had exploded and that sulking-mug wouldn't even offer up a flicker."

Robinho's performance, Man City 6-0 Portsmouth
and presumably laughed until he fell over when he found out David James is currently England's number one keeper."

Mike Ashley avoiding the fans, NUFC's managerless team

"Newcastle United's team coach must have a half decent sat-nav system installed because with their management's woeful lack of direction at the minute they'd probably have ended up in Tajikistan had they organised it themselves."

Gianfranco Zola, against Newcastle

"his first game in charge of the 'Appy Ammers was against a rudderless, managerless and clueless club who are the Olympic gold medallists at implosion."

Theo Walcott's hype after hattrick against Croatia
"19-year-old was thrust into the limelight like a pushy mother forcing her goofy daughter to murder another Britney Spears song in front of a sneering reality show panel."

articles about how good he was at school, his preferred breakfast or what his other half's favourite soap is."

"wait until he shanks a pen in the quarter-finals of the World Cup then dismantle the kid like he was a sideboard from Ikea. Then it'll be wasted talent this, WAG-obsessed that and before you know it he'll be drinking white spirit and begging outside White Hart Lane*."

Wigan's chairman praising Amir Zaki & Steve Bruce

"Now that is delusion of the highest order. Why doesn't he just go the whole hog and claim Titus Bramble has fulfilled his tag as the most promising defender of his generation?"

Tottenham Hotspurs' recent performance

"Mind you, even Calamity Bramble himself managed to shut out the Spurs and their £30m-worth of attacking talent. Now that is funny."

I lol-ed harder when I read this than how I lol-ed when I watch the replay of Lolnaldo diving and got yellowed.

LOL. I finally got off my lazy fingers and edited...

LOLnaldo. Lol.

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Blogger acura said...

Lolnaldo - that's how some people pronounce his name too haha

September 24, 2008 2:30 AM  
Blogger Venessa ♥♥ said...

hawhaw make fun of my guy la!
Smack u for that! lol!

September 24, 2008 8:38 AM  

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