Oct 13, 2008

Worldwide Scanners

Read this post by a Singaporean blogger about some Nigerian scammer trying to BS his/her way. If a computer scaNNer is made typical by each country, I wonder what it'll be like.

Nigerian scanner: whatever you scan, your screen blacks out

What the fuck happened to my monitor???

American scanner: scan any photo and it'll turn up as Bill Gates telling you your copy of Microsoft Windows is pirated

Japanese scanner: error message on anything without the fucked up "kawaii" pose

Chinese scanner: "Made In China" watermark on anything you scan

German scanner: a patch of moustache will automatically show up on your scanned photo

Told you it works

Indian scanner: brightness level auto-adjust to dark after you scan a photo and its made of marble

Italian scanner: looks good, feels good, scans really fast, and costs you RM40,000 each

French scanner: it'll give up even before you start scanning

Thai scanner: auto-adjust for boobs enhancement and "lady-fication" for guys' photo

Ladyfication in progress

Singaporean scanner: refuse to scan unless everyone in the photo looks decent and obedient

Korean scanner: will only scan photos when you're in Starcraft-like space suit

Filipino scanner: instead of "OK" and "Cancel" on software's interface, its "Yes Mom" and "No Mastah"

Portuguese scanner: when its scanning really fast, tap it and it'll fall off from where you place it

Portuguese diver scanner

Brit scanner: all time format will be in 90-minute format, with extra time available

Indonesian scanner: cheap, doesn't need any import license, but immigration will confiscate it if they see you carrying one around

Bangladeshi scanner: you can leave it on and it'll work 365 days a year without a single problem

Malaysian scanner: looks the same like some Japanese brand scanner, the brand will start with a "P", breaks down every month, on sleep mode most of the time, and doesn't come with an original copy of driver

Malaysian scanner's equivalent



Blogger Robb said...

damn stereotype lor

October 13, 2008 5:01 PM  
Blogger Gallivanter said...

LOL. Such drama!


October 14, 2008 1:42 PM  

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