Oct 15, 2008

AC Ryan

No, its not me and a guy named Ryan starting a relationship. Its a modding & data company AC Ryan. I was peeing in the toilet this morning around 11.30am when one of my housemates shouted for me saying there's someone down there. All blur went to put on my pants and walked out. Hey... a Fedex guy! I looked at the size of the package lying on the ground and didn't anticipate for it to be that wide. So up to my room to tear into what I get after 4 months of paper mache.

HAH, my previous employer (FEDEX) now have to serve me!

Larger than a pillow

Took me quite some time to open it up as I didn't read the packing list first. So basically, I don't wanna just stab the sealed area and wreck whatever that is underneath the line. I can see MoTM (Mod of The Month) July stated on the piece of paper mwahahahaha.

Looks a lot, but 2 things are really weighing it down

The first thing I checked was the packing list. AC Ryan t-shirt. Checked. Its stated as XL but the body width is alright, just the shoulder part is a bit droopy when I wear it. Yeah, its still on me since 11.30am till now. Its my shirt-of-the-day.

I know, cute bedsheet.

Haha, you ain't got one

Second item, U-Drive Mini USB2.0 to SATA2 converter with silicone casing for 2.5" hard drive. Checked. Cool thing, I don't have to slug a bulky thing around next time. Too bad my current one is an IDE external hard disk, but its dying, making clicking noise. So I'd get a new SATA one to go with Mr. Rubber right here.

Main site link: AC Ryan UDrive Mini

Third item. Mesh and panel sample dog tags. Really cool little thing although it just serve as a sample. K, that will be my new keychain. Kinda bulky though and the panels will scratch the hell out of each other.

Declaring war on stock pc cases

Next up, daddy's favorite. PLEXI! (that's transparent plastic we use for modding) So after Brett requested for them to include some into the package, I got two. One a UV lime green sheet, and the other looks white at first but the edge gave it away, a UV blue sheet. When you chuck in some UV lights or CCFL near these babies they'll glow. Dimension: 5mm thick, 48cm (W) x 48cm (L).

Main site's link: AC Ryan AcrylPanel

Plexi: the 2 big thing on the left

Not so visible in their protective wrapping

There, its blue not clear

Cool. Does Brett or the ACR folks over in Netherlands have sixth sense? Cos I was considering between either blue or green to go with dark overalls for my next mod. Fun ends here, sadly, 2 more last thing to go. Simon Packing list says: brushed metal panels. Anodized green and anodized gold. Much thinner than the plexi but 50cm x 50cm panels.

Main site link: AC Ryan AluPanel

Green. Phone's cam sucks when there's like 50% of light in the room

Gold adds a touch of class to a mod, period. No arguments allowed.

Am not ripping off the protective material just to flaunt their sexy brushed looks. Here's how it should look like from the panel & mesh sample dog tag for gold. Green, you figure it out yourself or check the main site link I provided on top of each item.

Still very much a wide-eyed guy ogling at the prize pack stuffs sitting around my room. Good deal for my 4 months of work on Paperazzi. Tho I would love to get another one of their favorite stuff in the package; any steel mesh; this package is really superb. I wouldn't trade any fans, CCFL or fancy UV paints for the stuffs I got in the box. So a big thanks to the folks at Bit Tech especially Brett Thomas and them nice people at AC Ryan for the stuffs, and here's free advertising if any local modders drop by lol.


UPDATES: just after 4 hours tearing into the pack, went on TBCS and won the business card design thing. Now I'm getting a 450W power supply. *grins like idiot*

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Blogger Harry said...

hmzz... interesting.. muahahaz.. like the chain..

October 15, 2008 5:05 PM  

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