Oct 24, 2008

How they do business?

Taken at Cafe Mamus (LG Subang Parade, exit via the donut place, I don't know what its called again). Obviously some itchy hands decided to add something onto the menu. Lol. Set cheaper than non-set bee hoon. Han saw it first, then me and Chris were laughing like mad and "Mahai, how they do business one?" when we saw it and the counter boy didn't even know about it.

Too bad didn't take a pic of this car I saw in Carrefour's car park cos hurrying back. Bloody car lost its number plate so replace with cardboard tied to the bumper with black marker scribbling on it.



Blogger Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

wow... so bad.. loL

bee hoon suppose 2.5 only.. lol..

October 24, 2008 10:06 PM  
Blogger Spectre said...

ini pasti mihun special di-import dari IPOH. I wonder how much for the telur kampurng? RM 2 r more?

October 25, 2008 5:49 PM  
Blogger jaong1 said...

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November 02, 2008 4:21 PM  
Blogger Acey Tang said...

jaong fuck off go eat jagong lah knn

November 04, 2008 7:59 PM  

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