Nov 16, 2008

Ouch: Paint Stripper

I'm having a new section (Ouch) entitled to chemicals and their stray-from-intended-purpose usages. Went to Pyramid to get something very useful for modding, and other mischievous purposes. Kids, this is a can of paint stripper. 1 liter for RM18.90, its a pretty good deal considering what we can use it for. Oh no, I don't plan to just "strip paint coatings" with it.

You know how cheap things are much much more hazardous and harmful to the human compared to more expensive ones. The expensive ones tend to be free of this and that chemical but cheap ones, they just chuck the motherload in as long as its very effective. Let's have a little show-and-tell on what it can do with just a little bit. First, the victim will be an old spare side panel that I grabbed from Chris' shop for spray paint testing.

Now with a brush, slowly transfer the sticky oily substance onto it. You wouldn't wanna pour it directly, the opening sucks and it tend to leak to the side.

With a medium coat, we wait. Not for long, not even a minute later the layer of paint starts to have nationwide erection.

Take a scrapper, scrap it off. There's 3 layers of paint here that I tested on; the beige (stubborn stock paint for the panel), black, and red oxide that I do some painting experiment on. In less than a minute.

Now you see what it can do on what we assume is its usage, it can pretty well do other stuffs. Chris didn't know such thing exists (wtf for a 31 year old guy???) and he asked me what it does. We had the same thing in mind, if someone offends us on the road and I got that thing in my hands, he's gonna have a chrome colored patch in less than 5 minutes. Well, its written on the can its for automotive paint as well, so too bad if you happen to irritate me on the road. Or I might just get its elder brother, aircraft paint stripper which is much stronger.

Nice eh for your car?

Secondly, I was in the side panel's shoes before. Once was a large smear near my right calf tattoo, the other was yesterday when it sprinkled across my thigh while I opened it. Boy, you don't want that on any part of you no? In less than 3 seconds it starts doing a KFC combo meal of burn-and-sting and I have to wash it off immediately (although I'm very interested to see what it can do to human skin).

So.. if you offend me, and are "smart" enough to tempt me to get out of the car, you'll be my first live experiment. I don't know what it'll do with large dose on long period unwashed. Don't worry I won't douse you with the whole can, just enough to cover your face and neck area. Can someone confirm whether it eats flesh? So I can use it sometimes.

I have patience for a lot of things but just not human and technical issues.



Blogger Tenux said...

fullawehh...crazy la this thing..gonna use it to mod my pc

November 17, 2008 10:57 PM  

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