Jan 1, 2009

Potong Stim

So with nothing to do at 2.30pm, I texted a few victims to see where they are (were, by now) going for the countdown. Most of the numbers that I have in my sim card's phone book will usually use public holidays with "eve-eve sound" as a reason to drink and wake up to a hangover the next day. Out of 8 sms to different circle of friends, C came up with the best suggestion. Call came up almost immediately about 3pm:

C: Oi, tonight no place to go har?

Me: Don't know lah, just woke up text anyone see what's their plan.

C: We're going to Rockmount tonight. Wanna go?

Me: Where the fuck is that?

C: A pub near the old Bali there. Got a lot of different chicks there.

Me: OK ON. Call me tonight confirm what time you coming to fetch me.

Hell, you can't blame me. I wouldn't wanna celebrate the passing of the shittiest year in my life with all batangs or light sabres around the table. Not to mention I haven't found a new target since it ended with Rina. So went there to test water for my eyes see how good these "hostess" really are. When I reach there, I know the fucker has been a regular there. One Thai hostess, A, came up and hugged him, I think A has a crush on him cos she wasn't after his moolah or commission from bottles opened. I'm innocent here, I only shook hands with her and a couple more who stopped by while he introduced me to them.

Until this local chick, L, came by, sorta caught my eye for a moment. Cute, as in very, although there's another Thai chick but that one confirmed VIP reservation for our Mr. H lol, so no touchy touchy. What, you think I'm looking for girlfriend or future wife at place like that har? Go dai if you are thinking of that. It was ok at first until this one singer starts yelping with her Donald Duck voice into the mic, and the speakers are all around our place. Cheesus. After that, out of nowhere around 1am it turned into a feng tau haven. WTF. Potong stim. Nevertheless, we left.

Didn't get to say bye to L. Nevermind, with those bunch of frequent hum kar lings they sure will be there few days a week. And no, I tak kena jampi ok.

Happeh Fuckeh Neweth Yearth, mofos.



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