Nov 19, 2007

Buy 1 Free 1

I got lucky on Friday. Supposedly at Carrefour and Jusco it's buy 2 free 1 just like Toys R Us. But that day the ladies at the counters are especially nice by under-charging me lol. First of all I went to Jusco Mid Valley and grabbed 5 cars, she only charged RM17.70 thats for 3 cars (each costs RM5.90 at Jusco).

Then I popped over to Carrefour Mid Valley and grabbed another 6, by right it should be 4 cars charged which is RM18.40 (RM4.60 each at C4) and 2 cars come free. She charged me for only 3 cars at RM13.80. So, that makes it buy 1 free 1 in Carrefour and buy 1.5 free 1 at Jusco.

Thank you Mid Valley :)



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