Jul 30, 2008

July MoTM Nominee

Shocking. I checked my mail which is used to create the TBCS (The Best Case Scenario) account and found I is gots reply on my worklog so decided to check out whats the latest comment on Paperazzi. Oh, its the Australian guy who followed the mod from the beginning till the end, The boy 4rm oz or TB4O as usually called. His post on Paperazzi reads:

"Hey Acey congratz on your MOTM nomination over at Bit-Tech, good luck mate."

That was seriously like "WTF?" to me when I read it cos all along Bit-Tech has a lot of superb mods that fare high above my Paperazzi in the terms of hardware relocation, mod plans, materials, tools, design, etc. So I head over to the site, lo and behold... as I predicted, the MAJOR underdog in Bit-Tech's July Mod of The Month nomination list. I am following Langer's Copper Lian Li mod and Techdaddy's Deuce project so to compete with something that you follow, is always not a good sign haha.

Main page - click to enlarge

1st page - click to enlarge

But I don't mind if I don't get to be on the headlines, I mean cheapo mod and first Malaysian modder to be in that site's list lulz. Its been fun with Paperazzi and where it went. Hell, even my top panel is on the front page as the link picture lulz. Thats good enough for me cos I thought the hype's gonna end on TheBestCaseScenario's front-paged review & interview.

Intro page - click to enlarge

Intro continued - click to enlarge

Speechless. That's like the one of (if not) the biggest modding site and my 3 months' work is now one of the contenders. :) It actually made a lowyat.net guy went "Proud to be Malaysian" lol, I have no idea why, its not like I'm going to be on The Star or the TV or whatever even if Paperazzi gets the title for July. Things have been very good for me this month. Sadly the month is ending, but next month well, I'll try to make things good by myself :)

The comments page is filling up and got a couple of votes.

Bah, I is donts want to know the progress till the result are out.

Nao I is needs naps to is absorbs.



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