Jul 31, 2008


I was waken up by an 11am call AGAIN for the 2nd day in a row. Stand Chart again offering sales position which is not what I want at all. Have to go to KL to meet up with ex-colleagues from CIMB for lunch at 1pm so took a quick shower and head out early as I usually take train to get to that area instead of driving.

Jalan Hang Lekiu, if you drive there, its usually jammed from 8am to 8pm. I walked out of my house and parked in front is my car, read: parked in front of my house, with a parking summon flapping in the wind. MKH, needless to say I get pissed off when MPSJ imbeciles starts to "work hard" for their Raya money... even in front of people's house.

When I got to KL, hey, I got a belated birthday present from ex-colleagues Rebecca & Adelyn. But the birthday card makes me feel old, real old. I've just turned 25, not 52 la girls. Thanks for the birthday present anyway, tho I'm more of a adidas guy but now at least my adidas cap can have its leave approved. Btw, with 6 caps including the new one, what should I do with them?

After that just went to IKANO to get some food for the little boss and then head straight back to Subang before both human and traffic jam starts. When I came back and opened my car door, eh, saw this thing on the ground. I looked up and the original piece is about 7 foot up from the ground on its pole. Something just bended and broke this thing clean off the original one. I don't think a 4WD can reach that sort of height. Drunk alien in mini UFO (Uninteresting Fuckin Objects)? Or probably just a dog playing frisbees at the playground and got over excited?

By the way this is the keyboard in progress to match Paperazzi's theme, kinda stuck on what else to mold but since "someone" suggested owl claws, hm can do. Voting for Bit-Tech's Mod of The Month is still running, can't wait to see where Paperazzi stands among the 5 elites for July.



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