Aug 8, 2008

Free Offer: My 2 Biji Langsat

Dunhill and Winston came out with a new type of cigarettes that is aimed for those who wants to quit smoking. It is only about 1/4 the length of a normal cigarette and has only 2% of tar and nicotine in them. Ladies and gentlemen, let me be the first to unveil them after I got to test on the product during a survey.

Two sohai, do sohai.

See the difference? Na lah, bluff you all only for fun. Just have one too many empty cigarette boxes on my table that I finished while modding. Since already made 1, might as well turned the 2 into midget cigg boxes for Super Cute to keep. Too bad today lunch forgot to bring it. Oops.

"Eh why the title talk about langsat now talk about this?". Later lah, read on.

Today turned out to be a busy day. First "bumped" into Sherry on NN's Innit. Both also hungry and since the poor girl have to wait at the college for hours before class starts if nobody drive her there later, so decided to ask if she wanna have breakfast. Makan and then sent her to her college. Seriously, the road is really si beh teruk lor. The sound effect, fuh, any of those from Star Wars also kena tapau this morning.

Reach home & decide to finish off them damn keyboard. Now this is the highlight of the post, not the midget LanHiu. Then kinda ter-lupa already ajak Super Cute for lunch (I haven't slept lah Super Cute, don't blame me, I still made it there). After quickly got it done (pix below, have to finish it cos already set approximate finish date by today in worklogs), went out to find Super Cute. Nomnomnom at Prince in SS2 then send her home, balik, on all the remaining keys into the paperboard, camwhore it a bit, and bare-it-all on BTN and LYN (TBCS is still down today).

"Where got Acey's 2 langsats?". Continue reading lah.

I got a superb PM from Brett Thomas @ Da Dego (one of BTN's admins) after I decided to thank my voters thru private messages personally although the poll's not closed yet. Brett's reply mentioned:

"No problem - I think your mod is amazing. In fact, I'd actually like you to do a project log for me on the front page, no matter whats the turnout of MOTM. Congrats on the contest so far and keep on doing what you're doing!"

Win-win situation? You bet. Since I'm feeling generous today, anyone hungry? You can eat my 2 langsats for free. Serious, I won't bleed to death, don't shy shy. Don't want? Fine, I'll eat my 2 langsats myself then.

See, 2 biji real langsat.

And finally the hailat, eh, highlight of the day. Lehdees & gemtemens. I bling to you, the first letterless paperboard!

Mutated Dell USB Entry Keyboard

Next up, custom paper mousepad. I can type with my eyes closed, with Rob Zombie blasting over the speakers, with mod ideas running on the brain, and my mouth sipping coffee. Why would I need lettered keys?



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