Aug 2, 2008

Damn Hot!

Was fooling around with the htmlrotflol and wasn't sure what I'll be getting from modifying this and that. Has been like 10 years since I touch htmlrotflol. Hm, like this one better, all white and clean. The black one kinda got me sick and didn't really wanna make anything for it. Here I've made the header, the section title bar, the little link buttons thats all.

6.30am and still not asleep. Damn hot la in Subang. I think its time to get the bomoh to call for rain here. Come to think of it, knowing how "boleh" our Boleh Land people is, I'd rather not. First of all you might need to pay a high price to get "tha watah out of tha skyah". Yes mon. You know I know lah how our country works; money comes first. Just like how fluent some corrupted men-in-uniform can do an Eminem-like "300 saman, 50 jalan" when they pull you over for not wearing your seatbelt. Imagine this:

And eventually if you find someone who can't stand the heat more than you, don't have air conditioner or in chinese "Akon", and desperate enough to do anything for the rain, this is what we might end up with. Because the habit of the country of overdoing and overspending on useless things.

Not bad also what, we can finally give our B.U.A. Submarines (Beli Untuk Apa?) a scratch proof test on flooded roads that are big enough. "Becareful of what you wish for, it just might come true."

So far not much news today, haven't been out. The only news is I walloped 6 cups of coffee, 2 Ramli burgers, 1 whole roll of Kaninia roti with kaya, and did some little mod on the keyboard. Some folks at TBCS really wants me to bring home Bit Tech's July MoTM award. Really superb folks over there at TBCS.



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