Aug 7, 2008

Nuffnang Gift Ideas for Xia Xue

Xia Xue,

Last night about 3am, I was very bored and I was thinking "what can make my day?". So I tried to remember the good old days where I read people's blogs, see how feuds started, and then laugh and laugh at the counter-post. So I went to YouTube and decided to check out one historical and very, like how you described him as, "disgusting" character which dissed you in one, wait, two of his videos in his very own ccb way.

Who can forget your very cheo hair, eh, I mean your feud with (wait, he got petty first) the man with a million
charms cb pattern? The self-proclaimed "most hemsem man" *cough* but still need to advertise to find a girlfriend *coughhhh*, the man in yellow swimming trunks, which can even make Sisqo weep in regret that he ever sang The Thong Song; Steven Lim.

I had a LOL Hour because, aih, we all know lah how the videos turned out to be.
So just in case if you are not having a very good day you can do a Rewind Session and probably go watch some of his geli ka beh si video to have a good laugh. And then you'd probably want to go over to his si beh kilat "brog" and continue the LOL session by looking at the prehistorically-designed site, although I would suggest having a LOL moment looking at the hunk's junk's pictures are way better.

I can win the Nobel Prize, that I will dedicate to you, if I can prove the strength of the colors on his site is the main cause of global warming.
I decided that I should actually suggest a gift for you after I stumbled across Nuffnang Gift Ideas ad on some blogs: the TAG SUNGLASSES (ME6570) . Pardon me if it does't suit your taste but this is one of the few that Real Mart offered. As a caring viewer of your blog, (although I only drop by once in a while nowadays) I believe all your readers don't wish to see those cheo cheo lashes of yours to be harmed by the GSLE (Gelifying Steven Lim Effect). That is if you decide to have a good LOL at the TFLB (Thick-Faced Like Brick) guy on a bad day.

Now if you want to visit his "brog" and laugh laugh laugh one whole day until even the police come knocking at your door, you don't have to fear the GSLE as this shades can confirm dot com filter them out. Besides, it can make the orange color on his "brog" actually look brownish which is more eyesoothing and "classic" in order to prevent red eyes after 1 minute of browsing and laughing. Here's a sample, I don't dare to make it too large or it will crash the World Wide Web. With the shades on, you can see the difference as it will sorta look 14.3% less gelified for a picture this size.

At first I thought of suggesting a gift of SanDisk Cruzer Contour 8GB USB Drive which you can give to Steven as a sign of how sporting you truly are. Ok thats a lie I'm sorry, I was actually thinking just in case if he needs a tampon urgently.



Anonymous jezza said...

I found your tampon comment funny. Any chance they sell those at RealMart. They seem to sell all kinds of random stuff... so I won't be surprised to see a pack on sale there. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, RealMart is an online shopping store which carries all kinds of merchandise. Their url is

August 18, 2008 12:56 PM  

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