Aug 3, 2008

Got Hell?

Imagine everyone goes to Heaven and you are one of the few souls in Hell. Damn, Heaven would be all packed, hot & sweaty with that much people and Hell will be much cooler. Having a drink with the headless Kurt Cobain. Pedobear Jacko would probably be there too, for grabbing too much crotch in his music video. Wait, Anna Nicole Smith? I'd bet its a hell of a free-for-all when she's down there.

Winston Churchill said "If you are going through Hell, keep going". I like that quote so much that I once placed it on my Facebook sidebar. What if Hell really reward you after you died? After you've gone thru hell till the day you practically end up as worm shit? (Red) Light at the end of the tunnel. A screaming hot "siren". Here, pretty much self-explanatory. I would want one. Who don't?

Besides, I am sick of looking at Santa Claus every time its nearing December 25th, he's fat, he's not even a quarter-badass, and I believe he's an obese Michael Jackson in disguise during Christmas. I'd rather meet a different kind of Claus down there which I can guaran-damn-tee he will be there. 4D prediction by bomohs also not this cun I tell you.

Saddam Crawls.

But if this is the only thing waiting in Hell, you bet I'll stop becoming a free-thinker and starts going to the local church on Sunday morning, temple at noon, and the mosque at night. I'll turn vegetarian, wears 500 charms around my neck, and won't even say "li na beh" to the next person that irritates me.

Please, save them for The Brazillian Bucktooth.



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