Aug 9, 2008


A little video of a song that I've been repeating on my playlist and car for like... 60th time in 2 days' time. Been years since I listened to it and all of sudden P.o.M became the main artist on the playlist besides Buckcherry.

Here's a sneak preview of the mousepad. I don't really sketch anymore nowadays except when I decide to get down and dirty to get a good bio-mech custom sketch in my art block. Don't even know what I sketch for. Its gonna change through out the molding cos I know myself very well lol. Not even bothered to do the shadings or details for the sketch. Just to use it as a guide for base development.

And yeah, I'm still leading +6 for the poll for July 08 Mod of The Month in Bit Tech.

Life at the moment is really a little "blurry" to me. For that video, if only the old man listens to Puddle of Mudd. You should know your responsibility more now that you have 1 foot in the coffin. Sigh.

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