Aug 10, 2008

Original Cheo Pickup Lines!

I am too bored so I came up with these 25 pickup lines for first-time clubbers to use. Well, use it at your own risk. Don't start asking around angrily for my phone number and my address if you got slapped. That's probably because you're born stupid enough to use these lines. Enjoy!

"Can I try calling my number from your phone? I believe your phone is spoilt"

"Your eyes are like the diamonds in Tiffany's. Is your father a thief?"

"You are the sports rim and I am the tyre. I will protect you till I'm punctured. Keep on rollin baby."

"You just melted the condom in my wallet cos you're so hot."

"You have a dangerous package. I work for DHL and I know how to handle them so let me do it."

"You must be a fan of Sisqo cos you just Unleash The Dragon in my pants."

"Your presence is electrifying. Did you overpay your electricity bill?"

"You are the CPU and I am the USB mouse. We're destined to plug-and-play."

"I'm a romance novel writer. Shall we go back to my place and write our own chapter?"

"Hey baby, I'm a fireman. Do you want me to put your fire out with my hose?"

"You just took my breath away. Now can I have mouth-to-mouth aid?"

"Hi, I'm Willy Wonka and I own a candy factory. Fancy a lollipop?"

"Do you know that Vertical Horizon wrote Everything You Want based on me?"

"You must be sent from above to save this fallen angel cos I've fallen in love with you."

"My friends call me Bruce Lee. Do you wanna try The Way of The Dragon?"

"You are lookin at the ping pong champion cos I've got the Balls of Fury."

"Did you reformat my laptop? It was running on Micro-soft till I saw you."

"If you are a fly, I'd be the shit."

"Hey Miss iPod. Would you like to dock yourself on me and recharge?"

"You can call me Vitamin, I will do you good."

"I own an orchard, and I'm very professional when it comes to handling melons like yours"

"You know I have John Mayer's Bigger Than Body single in these pants, babe"

"I would like to ring those doorbells on your chest to see if you're available."

"If I show you my anaconda, will you believe in love at first fright?"

"Let me help you shed those extra weight in one night, free of charge."

What should I come up with next....

P/S: I don't use pickup lines or bothered to try them one ok?



Blogger JunJun-Riko said...

hahahah.. damn horny la those pick up lines.. exactly like u.. XDXDXD

August 10, 2008 11:33 PM  

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