Aug 14, 2008

Gardenia: Packaging 101.

P/S: I didn't touch Photoshop on this. Grab the Gardenia roti you got in your kitchen or go to your nearest sundry shop / 7-11 and see for yourself after reading.

How many of you have eaten Kaninia Gardenia bread lately? For those who don't eat white bread but always Subway sandwiches, you lucky bastards. I snack on these with really thick kaya for supper or between lunch and dinner sometimes. Yesterday, while dipping my squished roti in the kaya container, something caught my eye so I flipped the packaging around. Linabeh...

RUKUN NEGARA!!! *facepalm x10*. Rukun negara printed on bread's packaging. With English translation next to it which is very "out of tune". Is that supposed to make bread eaters more patriotic? I don't think so, cos everyday in Malaysia I think thousands or more of those rukun negara got dumped into the bin after the consumer finished their kaninia roti. And I thought placing that 3 quarter full vodka bottle on the table gives me illusions. I flip the plastic wrap around to see if there' s anything else. Looks like our rotimen are a bit syok sendiri.

"Proudly baked by" dotdotdot. Aijoh. You low self expectation piece of butthole harpooning penguins, white bread is white bread, period (even if you do sell more roti products). Those pipo pipo toot toot mamak on bikes also sell their own white bread lah. Maybe they should stamp "Proudly baked by Mutusamy A/L Mariappan" or "Dibuat dengan bangga sekali oleh Lim Ah Siang & Choo Ah Hua" on their packaging. And other brands are not dead in the market duh. So flip again to see what's next. Last and final one.

Uncle Slocumm..., the wife must be a very satisfied woman.

Eat more and probably the next time I wank I'll need 14 hours to jerk off.

Automatically sunat-ing myself in the process as well.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Rukun Negara has been there for AGES! I'm surprised that you never noticed. For more surprise try flipping those white F&N condensed milk cans, you'll find it there too.. ;)

August 15, 2008 7:49 AM  
Blogger Acey Tang said...

Lol I usually am not that free to look at bread packages. Just caught my sight yesterday

August 15, 2008 8:05 AM  

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