Aug 18, 2008

Good, Not So Good, Bad


Everyone's blogging about the Olympics. HELLO, Premier League has started! Chelsea's opening match saw Big Phil taking charge of his first match in Samba style. Pure attacking game with the midfielders free to roam and run wild on Pompey. Doesn't even look like FA Cup winners to me, especially when you're trounced 4-0 at Stamford Bridge and Michael Ballack didn't even need to score (but he did a majestic defence-splitting pass that sets up the first goal by Joe Cole).

Utilizing the full backs to their full attacking ability, Ashley Cole picks up his game and Jose Bosingwa probably outran the whole team last night. After J.Cole, comes Nicolas Anelka with a defender-beating jump to head the ball into the back of the net (from Bosingwa's cross). I've always like Anelka, he was mostly no-show last season due to stupid Bulldog Grant playing him on the wings. Its one of those things that kills good striker's chance of scoring just like what happened to Djibril Cisse in Liverpool. And I've always thought Anelka isn't a huge guy till Chelsea was in Malaysia during my birthday.

Calamity James' accidental teleportation

Summing up the first half, ball handled in box, Frank Lampard celebrated his new 5-year contract (YAY!) with a penalty. Second half was slow, with Pompey picking up speed, too bad Terry & Co. is just tad too tough for their forwards. Last dying minutes, another new signing bites. The smallest after Shaun Wright Philips, Deco (or underwear in hokkien) blasted a 30-yard screamer that was flicked by David James into the upper right corner. I was guessing Deco aimed for the left corner but somehow the ball bent to the center and starts turning to the right. 4-0 we're on top of the table!

And somehow Manchester United drew 1-1 with Newcastle.

*cough cough @ Mike & Nessa*


Chelsea is more important than this. After the first game, bah. Not bothered to watch anymore cos obviously Lin Dan don't even have to break out any drop of sweat. Silver and gold, very big difference. But obviously we have to settle for the latter right now. And Lin Dan pawned Chong Wei in less than 1 hour for both matches, starting the 2nd match with a 6-0 lead. No.1 vs No.2? It looks more like No.1 vs No.22 to me for that type of time for 2 matches.

Who knows what Chong Wei had been doing back there before the match? You know I know lah what China have the most in Malaysia. I wonder if he got blackmailed by triads over there with their bling bling porcelain guns before the match?

"Hey meng, yew got wang or two pling pling for pew pew?"

Basically watching the first match and then the scoreline really makes me go like this. Luckily Chelsea made my day last night.


Well, irregardless of the medal Lee Chong Wei got, he's still one of our top athletes and hats off to him for reaching that far in the Olympics. C'mon we all know its not easy to even get to the quarter finals. Sometimes we are not very patriotic over some national stuffs, but when it comes to sports and your nation's player is up for the gold, you'd still be proud to be Malaysian and cheer for your player hoping he/she will bring glory to the nation. Thank you for bagging one medal for us, Mr. Lee. 100% certified Malaysian hero for your effort at tiong kok.


Total opposite of Holland, laughing stock of London. Holland are so well known as the choker of tourneys, playing extremely well attacking football and godzillous goal tallies, and then KO-ed after the group stage. Spurs is the other way around, only picking up steam when its usually too late into the season. No where near the top 4 for them this season again. Martin Jol's last campaign was disastrous. In came Juande Ramos and saved them some face on the table standing.

Its Jol all over again now, with Dimitar Berbatov on the bench. Wait, BENCHED? YOU BENCHED THE COUNT? After Robbie Keane left that's the last thing you'll think a man like Ramos would do. No, he had to start with Darren Bent, obviously an overpriced striker with no knees. And they just have to let Boro run over them 2-1. Even Mido can score... MIDO! Pfft. Well-deserved defeat. I like strikers like Berbatov. Relaxed, doing every movement the simple way, and when he strike he scores with ease. Maybe he deserve a better team like MU instead of Spurs.

Get your Tottenha-lmao Mid-season-spurs today!

What about a new jersey to commemorate Spurs' failure to start a season brightly?



Anonymous oktant said...

Like to hear Chelsea won
at the first game.

Good stats for Chelsea!

Yesterday, I'm only remember
to see Chong Wei actions on
the olympics final. hehe

August 18, 2008 2:39 PM  
Blogger JunJun-Riko said...

when u call me saggy... my face also look like that meow meow ler.. =.="

August 18, 2008 4:26 PM  

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