Aug 17, 2008

Custom Mousepad 90%

This is something totally custom made as part of my Paperazzi mod set. The whole mousepad is made of paper pulp just like how the keyboard and casing is covered with it. So far its 90% done. Painted with minor highlights. Then further highlight with the old brown instead of red oxide that I used for the keyboard (it sucks, I'm gonna need a new can of brown).

Then the usual process after painting, the purple slime. Certain spots have thicker concentration on them cos once the clear coat is done it'll shine and look all slimy. You may wonder why do I make the whole project's stuffs scary looking and gelifying. Its because I fluckin hate people touching my PC. Its like my wife ok? I made my keyboard letter-less so people who need to look at them can't use my PC. I'm gonna make my mouse's texture rough so people will feel uncomfortable using it. I've made my case look sticky so people don't even dare to touch it. End of topic on WHY.

For the tubes, semi-flow look due to the half-empty/full cylinders. Giving it a non-functioning module look.

The cylinders. Sawn-off hamster tubes that I no longer use (you know those tubes in triangles that they climb in and out of that only costs like RM11?). I don't know how the glue and slime mixture in it is gonna end up like once its dried. Flat I hope.

I'll have to wake up very early again tomorrow to get it finished. Folks at Bit Tech especially Kenco have been asking me to go all-out on this project, covering my LCD monitor, optical mouse, and speakers for a full set. I will, cos I'm kinda addicted to it or else I have nothing to do during this jobless and lifeless period. Gonna take a couple of days off modding after tomorrow before continuing with the mouse as I'm going to get my left calf tattoo finished tomorrow noon. Its like 70% done.

Needles, here I come...



Blogger jėss.T said...


seriously, dude. it's a darn good way to keep ppl off where u dun like them to be.

and ur rlly creative too

awesome shit.

August 18, 2008 1:16 AM  

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