Aug 25, 2008

Attention Whore Style

I forgot what's the time. I was bored so gone cuckoo with Sherry in Innit's Chatbox. I was practicing something I noticed that goes on a lot in other chatterboxes/chatboxes. People telling the world what they do or are going to do, which literally means jack to most of us there. And some that with their standard one-liner which also... means jack.

acey :
sherry - I feel like shitting

sherrymint : acey - thanks for telling. u remind me of someone. lol

acey : oh do i... never know other ppl also share their bowel movements with you

sherrymint : acey- not to me personally, but apparently to the whole world =\

acey : ah shit... so im not the first person to share my bowel movement.. :( Crap

sherrymint : acey- yeah.. well at least u an't as annoying =\

acey : sherry, my bowel is moving to the right...

sherrymint : acey - thx for the update =='

acey : sherry: next post i wanna blog about how many bijik of shit i donated to indah water for my next journey

acey : YAWNNNN

acey : ZZZZZZZ

acey : yawwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnn (polutes air with cigg breath)

sherrymint : u killed everyone =\

acey : awww too bad. bowel movement announcement and yawning can kill one whole cb.. wow kuatnya saya

5kywalker : hey guys, i am going off to bed now....nite all =)

acey : dont sleep till cant wake up ya?

sherrymint : nites walker ^^

sherrymint : acey- keep up the good work! =='

acey : i caught 4 mice on facebook tonight and i collected 11 million bucks for my mobwars im rich

sherrymint : acey - which small kids u con now? ish..

acey : eh i don con small kids one okayyyyyyyyyy the most i kick them and take their chupa chupps only

acey : tat is called the art of growing up a tough man

sherrymint : haito.. must cari ur wifey come control u abit d ==' sangat keterlaluan!

acey : shhhhh don tell her i scared scared


acey : my wife's sleeping lah. neh neh neh *kicks sherry and takes her nail varnish*

sherrymint : U GIVE ThAT BACK!!! *smacks acey*

acey : *runs*

acey : u...u....smacked me! i tell my wifey to go scratch the foundation off your face tmrw!

sherrymint : *calls police* ROBBER!!!!

acey : i ask my wifey to trim your eyelashes off with mascara first and then eyelash trimmer like how her fren did!

acey : *shoves sherry's nail varnish up ruion's ass* nah go take, its there

sherrymint : wtffffffffff! im gonna ask ven make u stuff ur hand in and get it out!

acey : sherry - nvm, the only one that's gonna suffer is ruion

sherrymint : poor poor ruion =( i hope u have insurance..

acey : he aint j'lo no butty butty insurance

sherrymint : acey- i think he shuld get one =\ hospitals nowadays damn cutthroat

acey : his butt? no nid lah, save the money for wantan mee better, he cant shake it like shakira

sherrymint : acey - how u know he can't shake it like shakira?? maybe he can ler!

acey : if he can i declare him 100% faggoty

sherrymint : acey - whats wrong with being a faggot?? isn't tht your type?

acey : no, im straight *takes off pants* see, no curly

sherrymint : acey - thts what u say now! i bet u secretly get turned on by fags..

acey : sherry - i get more turned on by 1. my wife.. 2. you *shh don tell her*

sherrymint : VEN!!!!!! ur husband ish cheating on youuuuuuuu

acey : eh, bila i cheat on her? im very loyal to her one ok. *turns ah beng* knn, 1314 okay? 1314 4evar!

sherrymint : he con small kids and steal ther chupa chups!!!!!

acey : i told u i don con n steal, i KICK and TAKE their chupa chupps

acey : con is deceiving, i dont stoop that low, steal is also a crime, i take

sherrymint : oops. sorry. my mistake.. acey BULLIES small kids!

acey : kick is not bullying, you never heard before "pain is love"?

sherrymint : acey - plus u stole my nail varnish!!

acey : i ady stick it up ju-on's ass what, up to u wanna take it or not

sherrymint : wait for him to shit it out then im gonna stuff it in ur mouth. ugh

sherrymint : then maybe u'll stop talking crap and polluting the cbox!

acey : um he probably have to get operation on that...

acey : eh im not talkin crap, at least its more meaningful than reporting my bowel movements or yawning lah

sherrymint : oh.. true also la... talk about tht means damn lifeless lor... shyt also wan ask permission. wtf

acey : everyone must agree on that. erm... controlled too tightly guar

sherrymint : they shuld agree! even 1 year old kid also know no nid ask permission if wan to pang sai. just let go! =P

acey : but cannot lah, sometimes i do have to tell ppl i need to shit or if im sleepy, "need the world to evolve around me n my daily activities"

Well, it was quite fun, sniggering as I typed or tried to type like what attention whores do on Innit. Some people know who they are :) All of those above are not edited, except taking out parts where other people are having their convo while we go nuts but...


... irregardless of what I said when I was getting high on boredom, my Wifey is still numbah 1 on my list ok?



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