Aug 22, 2008

Fickle Minded Society

Why do people become fickle-minded? "I want blue color shirt, eh wait, brown nicer. No no, black nicer, universal color". How many times have you heard that kind of conversation? I bet everytime you go out shopping with friends or loved ones sure got that type of situation right? Human being nowadays are really spoilt. We have too much choices around us and we get very fickle-minded when it comes to "which one?". Even condoms.

Titanium-coated got?

Back in our lao peh lao bu's time things are much simpler, and they don't ask much also. It was the mere question of "can afford or cannot afford". That's about it, even can afford also not much choices for you. Now, can afford still wanna kao peh kao bu donno which color nicer, which pattern better, where got more variety, which brand more high class, which lampa bigger, which prostitute sexier etc. If cannot afford, either susah-susah till can or the easy way "Hello, Daddy/Mommy? $$$$ please.". Once can afford, repeat the process again.

Out of so many fickle-minded situations, one can be very costly. Fickle-minded drivers on the road. Left of right, left or right, left lah.. eh no right lah. Bastard, you can cause an accident which will be very inconvenient for the innocent party just because you got pickle sized brain that functions slightly better than a normal calculator ok? Some drivers don't know their way in certain areas and still wanna tie a brick to their accelerator, and then take unexpected turns that they nearly missed. That's even worse than an auntie I encountered before, green light already still in her Kancil combing her hair. Nabeh, rushing home to get screwed by your husband? I usually don't honk, but in that case, she really pissed me off. House no mirror is it? I think must be cracked from excessive usage.

So far, only one question can get me to become fickle-minded. When I'm in Subang, when it's 12pm or 1pm, try asking me "What for lunch?". I'll tell you "anything" before I start deciding. Even Asia Cafe itself got so many stalls, so many restaurants around SS15 area, and more conveniently behind my house got 2 mamak stall and an 7-11. I'll be thinking "Char kuay teow. Don't lah not full one. Chicken rice better. Eh no lah, sien already everyday eat. KFC lah, eh economy not so good. ". It'll go on and on till we actually walk until ANY restaurant, one proclaimed "Ah this one lah" and sit down.

Choices. Even the emos can choose which blade to cut themselves with.

Now you see where fickle-mindedness come from?



Blogger 3POINT8 said...

emos should choose the largest one

August 22, 2008 8:08 PM  
Blogger Acey Tang said...

wrong, the sharpest one, so they over-cut and save the world's food ration

August 22, 2008 8:40 PM  

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