Aug 21, 2008

Nothing better to blog?

Why multiple people "nag" on a single person when they blog? Pakat one is it? I don't understand, seriously. Don't people have anything else to blog? These few days or for the past one week, 3 names has been used again and again and again and again (repeat till you hear echoes). So much that it's practically used and abused. Michael Phelps, Lee Chong Wei, and Avril Lavigne. Tua ki eh, can see posts regarding to the 3 names popping up like mushroom after the rain. I don't know lah, I lost count, even the top 10 of the day got 3 Avril posts, and at least Josh did a different take on Phelps which is not so repetitive.

What happen lah macha, so sad?
My name used in many blogs. Suey until 4D jump number.

Check-list of probable causes lah:

1. People don't go out one or what nowadays?

2. Does TV rule everyone's life (don't ask me, I rarely waste time on it)?

3. Don't have hobbies or any interests to talk about?

4. Since its the "in" topic of the moment, must blog?

Lin lau hia, seriously don't know which answer is that. Time and time again its all the same. No life meh? Even this jobless ah pek here also see more things in a day than Phelps, Datuk Lee or Avril news lah. So big news is it that Avril kena ban? Even Heineken Party at Chelsea game also kena ban lah until Mike nag non-stop in KSCB lol. Haijoh. Hello, we need entertainments one also lar when it comes to reading. Give us more new stuffs like the KY Brand quiz instead of something that you already see is occupying 5/10 of the first page in Innit.

I sompah, although I already did one LCW (under Good, Not So Good, Bad title), I won't blind blind jump into the river like the rest cos "other people say can grow bigger cock/boobs."

Boohooo nobody blogs about me. They blog about the silver guy :(

Oei blog la about Lin Dan, the gold medallist!



Blogger Falcon said...

I agree..i think in my opinion..thats the topic that affects us deeply..and we blog about what we care or like...maybe thats the reason...

August 21, 2008 10:12 PM  

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