Aug 20, 2008


When I get bored, I go get a haircut, really. If I have the length to spare. Was supposed to get tattooed and my left calf done on Monday but too many walk in customers at Kelvin's place (Tattoo Family @ Sg. Wang) so got tired of waiting and went to Clashcut. The owner of this saloon is Max and the wife does manicure there too. By far this is one non-lala saloon in the forsaken Lala Nest itself.

I have very thick hair you see, even each strand is thick by itself so it gets troublesome for me at times when its not-long-not-short. Comb cannot, tak comb cannot. Whack only lah simply gel for work looking like one of those nerds. After so long of decent haircuts from Max, I thought I wanna get something from the past and give Max one hell of a time. I had more different hairstyle than David Beckham ever had. Late last year when I start going to Max's place, its those usual shaved side tidy cut... till Monday.

Saw Max had 2 customers, 1 is a Malay mat rock with very long hair that requires to be straighten. I asked Max if he need an iron to finish the job faster. Ya what, ask the fella to put the head on an ironing board, gosok gosok the hair ma kaotim lor. After waiting like forever, gave Max a tough time getting it down to the right thickness and I got my quite-some-time-ago-hair back again cos I wanna keep it long. Bad news, not long enough yet to do a Chow Yun Fatt xD

I wonder how my next interviewer will react to it.

Updates (8.05pm): Shit lah, when I don't get haircut nobody call for interview. Now I cut already, one interview for Friday and one for Monday. Die mou?



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