Feb 2, 2009

Story of Fail

Haih, many fail la like this. Was walking down the aisle on the plane back to KL and spotted someone who look utterly similar like Alice. Especially her eyes. Took the seat one row next behind to her. Very curious about her name, don't know why but I suspect I watch too much Dexter before I go back for CNY. Keep on taking glances at her for a couple of times during the flight.

So once we landed, first thing, I called Khamlao @ Chris if he wanna yum cha. Fucker got sick. Then I saw the girl again, not that hard to remember how she looks like considering she looks a lot like my ex. Hah, I still remember what she wore; black/dark blue hoodie with number 86 on it, red shirt underneath the hoodie, jeans, and black something-i-donno-what-those-lady-shoes-are-called. So I pumped my lampas with hydrogen until big big and floating and walk over and asked her:

Me: Excuse me, may I know your name please?
Her: Um.. why?
Me: Just curious
Her: Mindy, yours?
Me: *most of you know my name lah*
Her: Have we met before?
Me: No, but you look like someone I know, and that's not a pick up line
Her: *laughs*

We talked for a while before I effed off to the washroom to wank take a leak. I thought after that gonna ask for her number or something. Bumped into Peter Nge, an ex schoolmate that I haven't met for 9 years. Talked on the phone with Kelvin (my tatt artist) and then chatted with Peter for quite sometime before I look around... diu lahhhhh, Mindy left.

Well, I guess I might bump into her around PJ area. And on the way back I figured out why nowadays when I look at a stranger who look familiar and got curious about the name, I blame Dexter for this habit. Cos in Season 3, Debra said 'I just want to put a face on this lady'.. it got to me like 'I just want to put a name on this face'.

Fail... next time, if you meet a lady in the plane or whateverlampa method of transportation, ignore any friends you see, ignore your luggage so you don't end up failing like this. OK time to go makan and sleep. Tomorrow I need to jog again, go out shop for some stuffs, and Tuesday I'm off to Phuket on a 7am flight.



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