Sep 1, 2008

New-found Fun

Site: Tru TV (Cop vids and random captured vids all over the world)


some disturbing videos are in the categories as well. So if you have a faint heart, can't stand seeing people getting whacked with different objects, can't take it when you see losers getting punched ridiculously hard, don't be so smart and click on some fight vids. That's like telling a serial killer a Yo Momma joke.

Description: Shit loads of stupid cop videos all over the world. You can see a samurai-wielding nutcase getting pwned by broomstick-wielding cop, samurai-wielding nutcase getting shot repeatedly with bean-bag shooter in the crotch and hosed down, uber fights like where a 6'4 300 pounds ex-convict pulped a kaypohchee with 7 giant punches, and even an ex-boxer who get shot in the abdomen but still going after the cop!

Favorites (search on the site these titles):

1. Win Her Over With A Threat:
robs a store and then ask the clerk out for a date

2. That's A No-No:
2 kids get off to the perfect start of their criminal career; robbing a police station

3. Worst Burglar Ever:
shown on TV a couple of times but still funny. Never try to do a break-in when you're drunk

4. Get Rich Quick:
Ever tried cashing a cheque for US$36 BILLION? And from "Rent"?

5. 2 X 4 VS. Mop:
LOL, robber gets faceful of mop repeatedly

6. Couples Therapy:
Monster ex-convict clocks kaypoh with 7 punches.

7. A Drunken Monster:
This guy knows no pain! Not even pepper spray!

8. Kickin And Cursin:
This drunk lady got feet like Chuck Norris and a mouth like Samuel L Jackson

9. Waterworld: Shut Up Edition:
Why you should keep your mouth shut when there are cops around.

10. Help Me Cuz!:
Whimping for help during a robbery when you get pwned sure suck.



Anonymous prasys said...

I love the first one whereby the teens tried to rob a police station...This is way better then youtube

September 01, 2008 8:20 PM  

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