Aug 28, 2008

The sPOMtaneous Post

Lately I feel like doing a bit of travelling. Pombably to Phnom Pomph, new capital of Cambodia. But then for the money that will be used to travel, I can use it for shopping. Since Merdeka is near, I'm sure there's a lot of pomotions around. Too bad no PC Fair, or else can go see those cheo cheo pompasticly-dressed pomoters. Nevermind, I shall check the contacts in my pombook to see who's available to apompany me for a trip. I'm still jobless. Bloody pompany that day die die wanna take me now after 4 days tell me full already. I hope your cb pompany burn and explode.

A bit disappomted with the Premier League result. I thought Pompey will hold MU to a draw or something. I feel damn unpomfortable watching Chelsea play Wigan with only 1 poment of pure genius by Deco. Kept me on the edge of my chair for most of the time. Wigan really made my team looks like pomeranians instead of the rottweilers that ran wild 4-0 on Pompey. These few days really horrible, keep on raining raining raining until now my mods are postpomed because the paper are not dried.

Been having impomnia lately. Can't really sleep till like morning. Body is tired but eyes just refuse to close pomperly. Feel like downloading pomnographic stuffs and watch while waiting to fall asleep. Pombably some old Pomela Anderson pom vids would be nice. You know who is that? Neh, after she "Got Siliconed!" her boobies are like pomelo-sized? Tommy Lee's ex wife? Or pombably go download some National Geographic stuffs on poma vs dalmatian's running speed. Or watch cartoon, My Little Pomy. What to do, Halloween still so far away cannot carve any pompkins when I'm bored. Die la, tomorrow have to be pomctual somemore for breakfast or else Sherry will be late for college. Hmm, later morning I'll pombably have roti pomb instead of roti telur.

Aw shit, ran out of cigarettes again. I pomise someone that I won't smoke in her presence, and I intend to pommit to that pomise. If she find that sweet, then I'll take it as a pompliment lah. I actually pomentarily have no idea on what to write cos the brain is being lazy.

In the beginning 47 POMs are created for the Queen of POMs.

K lah I feel hungry now need to go out to pomper myself with food. Too bad KFC closed no more Pombo Meals. OK, after writing this entry I really anticipate to be the victim of a pomicide case where the weapom will be napom pomb, a greater version of napalm bomb. And the headlines will read:

"Blogger Jantan Dibunuh Blogger Pompuan".

P/S: Do not spom my chatbox please.

Update: HAH! Your attempt to pom-frame me by inserting "is interesting" yourself after quoting me on "child pomnography" is so pom-busted thanks to NN's "Prev" button! Mwahahahahaha.

Mwehehehehe you can't frame me white white. Neh neh.



Blogger jėss.T said...

ZOMG..... u actually threatened me that u will do it. BUT U DID IT IN THE END?>??!??!!??!

okays, now u have ur POMATION on me already... HAPPPEEEEEE?


August 28, 2008 3:44 AM  
Blogger BLue said...

Chio la you, POMOTE Jess's blog. When is my turn 4d pomotion?

August 28, 2008 10:50 AM  
Blogger Chrispian Arthur said...

We pommed out blog out!

August 28, 2008 3:04 PM  
Blogger kenwooi said...

haha that's funny! XD

August 30, 2008 9:55 AM  

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