Aug 27, 2008

Scam Mail 101: Replying Them

HAH! I found the way to do labels on classic templates without any BS HTMLs involved! Mwahahahaha. All just by checking where actually the labels links will be called/loaded from. HAH, who say classic template can't have labels and must code hard hard? Got logic ma enough mwahahaha. Oh well back to the topic.

I rarely read these scam mails. Usually I just don't G.A.F. as they'll end up in my junk mail folder where I'll just take a look at the title, mark it, and clear the whole folder. Was checking if AC Ryan or any contacts from BT side regarding my MoTM prize pack. This scam mail however, ended up in my inbox instead with the sender as "WINS!!!!!!" and the subject "CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!".

Nabeh I win 1 million Great Britain "Pounds" (watch this word closely when you read the sent mail from the 2nd picture) but they get more excited than me? Since its in the inbox and I just woke up from my accidental nap with nothing to do (speaker mod still wet) so I decided to give them a reply.

The original mail

My cheo reply

Who cares what they can dig up from my reply (since all my bank accounts are always less than 5 bucks, all cash with me). As long as I don't let my brain rest when I'm awake that is enough for me and I'm having fun irritating the shit out of these people. They'd probably go "Oh, reply!" and have the cat-with-4-mice-on-head look ("Chamillionaire? Bah") and wish its an upside down text email.

Like the super accurate fengshui master told me:

"You can sit for 8 hours at work but during that 8 hours
your brain is working for 10 hours or more"

Well, he sure knows me better than everyone by just looking at numbers :)



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