Feb 12, 2009


Hate sitting at home cos its really boring and I wanna do what I did at Sinbi's everyday. The PC is a main distraction and take a lot of discipline to pry myself away from it. So far so good in doing that today considering I can't get into Facebook since 5pm. But YouTube is really addictive. Watching it until stupid for the past 3 days, especially Ramon Dekkers' matches during his prime. Still doing 2 warm ups and shadow boxing everyday but only for 30 minutes each. So.. I've been doing stuffs in my room to make sure my experience and hard work at Sinbi's didn't go down the drain. What is currently do-able in the room:

Warm up: 10 minutes
Stretches and stuffs (neck, arms, legs, waist, back) as how they do it back there. Make sure the joints are good to launch proper moves. Sweat level is ok and notice sweat much easier than before lately. Good or bad? IDK.

Shadow boxing:
30 minutes
Take the full length mirror and clear a space. Mostly doing repeated stuffs/combos taught by Bawi (3 padwork sessions in a row with him) and checking the mirror to adapt to the techniques taught by Met. Work on 1-2, 4-1, 1-2-left hook-right punch, 1-2-hook-kidney-kidney-uppercut, elbows (left, right, vertical, downwards, spinning/reverse), kneeing, kicks (doesn't really work well when there's no sandbags or pads), front kick/teep, lean back. Intense sweat and kinda tiring cos I throw everything in full strength. Target within this month is a 45 minutes session of shadow boxing alone at full strength punches/kicks. But yeah, pretty boring doing this alone.

Something like this

100 times
Grab the full length mirror (rotatable) on top with both arms and starts kneeing (no contact with the steel bars lah, wanna die meh?) to work on my thighs and stamina. 100 times is easier now after a week. Trying to get it up to 150 times on next work out. Max target would be like John Wayne Parr's 1000 knees on sandbag in 30 minutes. That's crazy. Thighs are still ok after this, not really sore from 100 knees cos not having any impact or force since there's no sandbag.. Meh... Wanna try out another jumping knee. Only did it once while sparring with Bawi on my final session. Fun. Like Remy Bonjasky lol.

John Wayne Parr

Blocks: 50 each leg
Doing what Met asked us to do on my FIRST session. Almost tumbled by the end of it on the first day. Hard on the thighs by the 40th still keep going. By the end of both legs they're really sore but moving around for a while its back to ok. By end of month target would be 100 blocks on each leg, without feeling ultra-sore on the thigh after that.

What I was taught by Met was a bit more to the side

Teep: 100 times
Kicking the wall is not as fun as a sandbag. When sandbag moves back its force meet force case and it tires the legs easier. Try to emulate that by bouncing my sole off the wall with strength, letting the other leg take the pressure of trying to maintain the posture or take a step back. Maybe should up it to 200 times. No sandbag is no fun.

Yodsaengklai Fairtex - front kick/teep

2 minutes
Read Ramon Dekkers' interview and mentioned if you can do 100 punches in 2 minutes then throwing 10 punches in 2 minutes wouldn't be a problem. And its good for conditioning. IDK if he means 100 full strengths or not. Since no sandbag, without full strength but repeated non-stop punches, I punch.... the wall. Yep, the wall. Left index finger's first joint below the knuckle bleed, sometimes. Still without a bag, its kinda worthless, I don't feel the sore in upper arm/shoulder like before. When I hit the gym next month probably try 2 minutes non-stop, break, and then another 2 minutes.

Ramon Dekkers

Sit ups & push ups
Can't do much push ups these few days, max 20 due to the problem with the right upper arm (twitching). Can finally do proper push ups. Sit ups, about 15-20 depending on mood. Yeah, not disciplined enough lol without Karim eyeing if I "snake" during sit ups.

Still can't throw a proper hook with my right. Something's twitching in the right upper arm, hopefully nothing's wrong. Not very happy I don't get to do real training. Time to find money.



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lol. killers.

February 13, 2009 1:29 AM  
Blogger Jocelyn said...

*learns kickboxing and kick acey in the balls!* hahaha ! =x

February 13, 2009 8:55 PM  
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