Feb 18, 2009

New Gym

Started training at the new gym, Jak Othman's gym. Yesterday when I sit there and observe, it looks really boring. Today there are much more people for the first session and this trainer, Ken, leads the thing. Not a bad trainer I'd say (sorry but after experiencing real Thai training kinda compare everything). It won't prep you for fighting I might say, but maybe for starters just work on conditioning and stamina.

Warm up:
Things are a lot different than what I expect. Stretching is done in pairs. With a back as stiff as Tommy Lee on his first night with Pamela Anderson, there's always problem for me to bend forward with my legs stretched while sitting. Ken helped a lot by holding the legs down and pulling my arms forward, not so bad afterall. And sitting cross-legged with sole-to-sole he helped again pressing both legs down and me forward.

1-2, 4-1, 1-2 hook cross, cross-hook-uppercut, repeating 1-2 for 8 times, and 32 1-2s in a row. I need that for conditioning.

Single kick followed by double kicks and then 10 in a row. Did about 40 kicks on my right, including on bags before starting, and 30 on the left (skipped 10 due to waist problem).

Starts with single knee. Then double knee. Kinda losing balance after not training for a week but it got a ok after a while.

Starts with single left teep, then right. After that two kicks, left then right (something like what Buakaw always do during his fights). Aim is still pretty bad, meh.

Chin down:
Place a tennis ball between chin and upper chest and hold it with chin down while repeating the arms conditioning/combo. Kinda hard for me, the ball keep on dropping as the gap between my chin and upper chest is big. And now it kinda sting, well, tennis balls, they're rough surfaced.

Sit up, chest up, and leg up:
Sit up 25 times for 3 rounds in pairs. Lol I only did 2 rounds. Chest up is easier. Leg up is hard, feels like my muscle's going to cramp soon.

Warm down:
Some thingamajig movements and that's it for 1 session.

Well its much better than what I saw yesterday. But I hate the tennis ball thing. Did 100 knees on the bag before starting. Probably do the 1 minute punching and 100 teep tomorrow.



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