Sep 14, 2008

Killer Cheonessity

Cheonessity. Was browsing duty free ciggs at Changi Airport this morning when I stumbled upon this. Too bad its not Lucky Strike full flavor filterless which I like a lot but haven't been buying it lately due to the price hike. A lot of sohais donno how to smoke filterless ciggs cos they donno how to pinch the end correctly. And they end up like cow, eating tobacco instead of grass. Silver is lights, and it seems LCCT and Changi's duty free shops don't have any filterless LS.

ONLY SG$ 20.20! RM48.90!

You know how much a pack of LS costs right now? RM9.20 OK? Now its only RM4.90 per pack mwehehehe. I think these 10 packs can last me more than a month if I keep reducing my "intake" from the current 4-8 sticks a day. Meh, 1 week ago I was chimney-ing 20 sticks per day. Still haven't open to try the taste cos I still got my VERY EXPENSIVE SG Winston almost full pack even after 2 days.

Stupid sticker spoil my chrome beauty

Giant pencil box

Not sticker. Its imprinted onto the box

Cheo ler?

MONEY BLOWING: Another RM250 on a new pair of specs at Focus Point cos old one seriously underpowahed =/
SPOILER: Next Post will have 6 INNIT Chicks (new chicks) and 1 INNIT DUDU that I missed out on the previous 2 posts.



Blogger Cathy said...

cow eating tobaccos??lol

September 14, 2008 6:11 PM  

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